Mrs Hinch just revealed her genius trick for cleaning a fridge in seconds - and it really works!

Mrs Hinch has got another surprising cleaning hack up her sleeve – so we had to test it out and this is what we thought

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Instagram’s cleaning guru Mrs Hinch never ceases to surprise us and supply us with innovative ways to spruce up our homes. Her latest hack? It’s a Mrs Hinch fridge cleaning trick using a hand-held steam cleaner, that gets the job done in seconds!

 Cleaning a fridge is not a glam job, but Mrs Hinch, the original cleanfluencer and cleaning guru, demonstrated how you can get the job done in record time by using a handheld steam cleaner no less. Traditionally used for removing stains from upholstery, getting rid of grease from hobs and grills or cleaning windows, steam cleaners can also apparently be used to eradicate all the dirt your fridge collects during the week.

In one of her latest reels, Mrs Hinch (@mrshinchhome) posted a compilation of her cleaning that’s very satisfying to watch. And while much of it was very ‘traditional’ kind of cleaning, this fridge steaming hack using a Kärcher steam cleaner available at Amazon caught our attention so we had to give it a go ourselves. And here are our thoughts.

Mrs Hinch’s fridge cleaning hack using a steam cleaner

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This week, we’re all about pulling out our steam cleaners to deep clean our fridges. Our very own Digital Deputy Editor, Rebecca Knight, tried it for herself and was surprised by how effective it was.

‘I tested it out on my own fridge using my Beldray steam cleaner, which is less powerful than the Kärcher version,’ she says. ‘I was suspicious about the impact directly spraying steam onto the shelves would do so I took them out to come up to temperature before tackling them. But I found it was amazing at blasting out all the nooks and crannies I've struggled to get into. A quick spritz and a wipe down with a towel and my fridge has never looked cleaner.'

She adds that the hack was most effective at clearing out the drain hole at the back of the fridge as 'a very disgusting, but satisfying spray of grime was dislodged, and was so much easier to wipe away.'

So it’s safe to say that this Mrs Hinch tip truly works. But there is still one question left to answer - is this cleaning method safe? You wouldn’t want to damage your best fridge freezer, would you? That’s why we turned to our home appliance expert to give us some insight on the matter.

And it’s good news all around as Matt Ayres, appliance expert at RDO, agrees with Mrs Hinch, saying this fridge cleaning method is absolutely legit.

‘A steam cleaner offers a quick and chemical-free way to clean your fridge, which is essential for maintaining a hygienic space where food is stored,’ he explains. ‘Afterward, make sure to eliminate any excess moisture with a dry cloth to prevent mould growth and unpleasant odours.’

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Lastly, he addresses the ways to clean your fridge’s drain hole, which tends to be the most challenging task. ‘Be mindful of crumbs and residue that might accumulate in the drain hole at the back of the fridge, potentially causing blockages.' 

'To address this, use a cotton bud, pipe cleaner, or a specialist tool that may have come with your fridge to clear any obstructions near the top of the pipe. If the blockage persists, employ your steam cleaner to flush the pipe with water, which should hopefully remove any obstacles.’

So now you can steam away without a care in the world.

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