The 5 things people with *always* clean kitchens do – and they take just minutes

These easy tricks should keep your kitchen spick and span – at least most of the time…

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Keeping our kitchens clean can feel like a daily (or hourly) battle. Not long have we cleaned up the mess of breakfast, do we need to make another mess for lunch, and then another for dinner. And the cycle goes on, on pretty much a daily basis.

It can feel exhausting – but as with most things in life, tending to our kitchens often is usually a better approach than leaving the space to get too overwhelming. And this often means doing small tasks every day, in order to maintain a space for feels functional.

But what tasks are essential for maintaining a kitchen that is always clean (well, at least 90% of the time)? We spoke to cleaning experts who revealed the things that people who pretty much *always* have clean kitchens do – and thankfully, their kitchen cleaning tips should take you just minutes to complete.

5 things people with *always* clean kitchens do

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1. They clean and tidy whilst their food is cooking

Whether you’re waiting on something on the hob or in the oven, there’s usually at least a few minutes of downtime during the cooking process – and one of the best kitchen cleaning tips is to make sure to take advantage of those precious minutes. 

'If you’re heating up some food that doesn't require your total attention, try to use the time to tidy a surface, put some dishes away, or wipe down a counter,' suggests Emily Barron, cleaning expert, Property Rescue. 'Little and often is the key to a consistently clean kitchen.'

2. They don’t leave spills to fester

Hands up - who else is guilty of spilling something on the kitchen counter and leaving it for future you to deal with? If you want a kitchen that stays clean all the time, it may be time to change those habits.

“Using some of the best cleaning products, wipe up spills as you go along. For example, if you spill tea/coffee, wipe it up immediately,' advises cleaning, decluttering and organisation expert Heidi Phillips.

Not only will your kitchen be clean more of the time, you’ll also save yourself an even more difficult job later. 'If you don’t, it ends up going hard, and takes ages to get off, taking you more time instead of a couple of seconds there and then,' reminds Heidi.

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3. They tackle the floor daily

The floor is one of the easiest parts of our kitchen to neglect, but Emily from Property Rescue explains that dealing with it regularly will help you to achieve that always-clean goal you’re striving for.

'Sweep the floor every day – this may sound simple. but many of us push our floors to the bottom of the list. Put aside 1-2 minutes each morning or night to sweep through, and you’ll have a fresh-looking kitchen to walk into the next time you need to go in there.' Or, if you prefer, send one of the best vacuums around it.

4. They don’t allow clutter to build up

How many times have you popped things in your kitchen that don’t actually live there? If it’s more often than you can count, this may be what’s preventing you from having a kitchen that’s always clean. After all, decluttering tips are key to keeping things clean.

'The rule of thumb is not to use the kitchen as a dumping ground,' explains professional organiser Heidi. 'If you have mail/school letters etc, deal with them daily. Don't just put them in a pile on the worktop to build up.' 

5. They clean the sink area every day

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Perhaps the one area that gets the messiest in our kitchens every day (aside from the counters) is the sink. People whose kitchens are always clean make sure that this area is cleaned and tidied away every single day – yes, really.

'Don’t let dishes pile up,' says cleaning expert Laura Mountford. 'Tackle them by washing up after each meal (yes, really) or stacking the dishwasher.'

'Put them away as soon as possible,' agrees Heidi. 'A bare draining board looks so good, and will make your kitchen look instantly tidy.'

After that, a quick clean of the kitchen sink should be done daily, 'as water can pool up, and icky remnants of food may also be lurking.' Our guide to how to clean a stainless steel sink will help you add that final sparkle.

There you have it, just a few quick tasks, and you're on your way to an always tidy kitchen.


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