Decluttering expert reveals the popular storage solutions not worth buying

Relieved is an understatement

kitchen pantry with white door and kitchen shelves
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There's no one formula for organising a pantry, but amidst everything we're probably already doing right in our own kitchens, there are also some methods that just aren't worth getting behind.

Dilly Carter, professional declutterer and TV star, is working with the online grocer Abel & Cole's Club Zero refillable delivery service to find Britain's Best Pantries. We grilled her to give us the lowdown on kitchen storage ideas not worth getting behind – and we're pretty relieved.

kitchen pantry with white door and kitchen shelves

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'The trend for perfectly uniformed pantries is one that I can’t get on board with personally. It pressures people to buy everything new to create the perfect pantry when many of us already have the great foundations for a well-planned pantry,' says Dilly Carter.

And honestly? We're so relieved to hear that. There's no pressure for our pantries to be Instagram-perfect or completely uniform in adopting Marie Kondo's kitchen organisation essentials.

Wooden pantry storage solutions

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'I would recommend sorting through your kitchen and assessing to ensure that anything you might buy for your pantry – e.g. Lazy Susans or Shelf risers – are definitely needed.'

When it comes to kitchen storage and organisation, sometimes less really is more, especially if you're trying to organise a small kitchen.

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The decluttering expert explains that the biggest mistake people often make when it comes to pantry organisation is not using what they already have. Following on from her point against picture-perfect pantry ideas, it's likely that you already own more than enough.

'You can upcycle things like jam jars, coffee pots and glass bottles to create a sustainable and well-organised pantry without needing to purchase anything new.'

Inside of a food storage cupboard with food stored in labelled clear containers

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However, should you be lacking things you can upcycle and need to buy new, Dilly Carter recommends looking for clear, glass containers. 'These are easy to refill with your products and it means you can see exactly what you have before buying more, reducing the amount of food you waste.'

Her favourite type of containers are the Le Parfait clear glass jars. They look great in a pantry and also work a treat when organising kitchen cabinets.

Wooden shelves lined with clear jars storing food, labelled

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Perhaps gone are the days of pantries that only prioritise aesthetics more than practicality.

All in all, we're happy to hear that our old jars of jam and instant coffee will do just the trick, thank you very much.

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