Take a tour of this smart, three-bed Victorian terraced home in Hampshire

This owner planned her home well ahead of moving day, and by enlisting some help from family and friends, her makeover was done in a flash

living room with fire place and sofa cum bed
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'I’m a real home bird, so when 
I started house-hunting with my partner, I knew the type of property was more important to me than the location,’ says the owner. 'We’d outgrown our rented flat and we also wanted a garden, as we were desperate to get a dog.'

 'I looked at hundreds of options online, but when 
I spotted this house, I was sure it was “the one”. When we walked in, it felt 
like a well-loved home.'

Although the interior was in pretty good condition, the couple couldn’t wait to put their own stamp on it. 'I’m so impatient that I’d actually started planning from the online photos, before I’d even been inside,' the owner says. 'On our second viewing, I took loads more pictures and checked measurements.'

 By the time they moved in, the owner knew how each room would look and had the paint, tiles and wallpapers all lined up. 'I wanted to get the bulk of the decorating finished as quickly as possible, so we enlisted the help from my partner's parents and a couple of friends. Everyone got stuck in, and within 48 hours most of the rooms had been redecorated.'


dustbin in front of brick house

(Image credit: future PLC/Colin Poole)

This three-bedroom Victorian terraced house in Gosport, Hampshire, had multi-coloured kitchen tiles, a yellow living room and purple main bedroom that weren’t to the owner's taste. The dark bathroom also needed a refresh.

'Now, the look is classic 
but contemporary, with country elements in calm neutrals and relaxing greens,' the owner says. 'And we’ve given the bathroom a period-style makeover.'

Living room

living room with black fire place and grey colour sofa cub bed

(Image credit: future PLC/Colin Poole)

'I don’t stick to one particular style, instead I’ve got quite a few favourites,' says the owner. '
I adore the country look, but I’ve included glamorous hotel-chic, rustic and Scandi elements in my home, too. I like my surroundings to feel calm and relaxing, 
so I use lots of neutrals, especially greys, which I love, with touches of colour on top. I tend to go for soft, pretty accents and nothing too bright or distracting.'

The front room has an elegant, grown-up feel, which was inspired by 
the grey Chesterfield-type sofas. 'I’m very organised and I created spreadsheets to keep track of my spending,' she adds.

'Once I’d chosen something, 
I’d trawl the internet to find the best 
deal. I do nearly all my shopping online, especially on budget-friendly sites like eBay and Gumtree, and I’ve always got my eyes open for sales and discount codes,' the owner says. 'I’d also think about whether I could upcycle or make a similar item myself.'

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kitchen with attached dining area with wooden flooring

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The kitchen is one of the owner's favourite spaces because it’s so light and airy. The cream cabinets were already installed when the couple bought the house. 'They’re not what I would have chosen, but luckily they’ve grown on me, as replacing them would have been a massive expense,' the owner says.

 They took one large wall unit down 
though, and put up open shelves instead, to make the room feel brighter and bigger. 'My other changes were fairly 
small and didn’t cost that much, but they all make a difference, like repainting 
the walls and panelling in Farrow & Ball’s Green Blue, fitting new tiles around the sink area and swapping the black work surfaces for wooden ones to create a country kitchen feel,' says the owner.

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bed room with double bed with bed side drawer table

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The owner planned the master bedroom around the gorgeous metallic wallpaper. 'It’s quite opulent and decorative, with an Art Deco flavour,' she says. She splashed out on the this fabulous wallpaper from Tapet-Café – 'I think it makes the bedroom,' she says. The budget was balanced out by the mirrored bedside tables, which were ex-display and a real bargain from Dunelm.

The bedroom floor was already painted, so the couple kept it. 'Even though it’s not my ideal finish, I love the light, bright effect,' says the owner. 'But it’s a challenge to keep it looking perfect!'

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bathroom with white bath tub and white wall

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The couple's biggest project has been updating the bathroom, which they didn’t tackle immediately. 'We kept the simple white basin and loo, but pulled out the old bath 
and the tiling around it, and replaced them with mirror tiles,' the owner says.

She found a fabulous freestanding bath, complete with taps and feet, on Gumtree. 'It was a real bargain, although we had a nightmare getting it into position – it was so heavy, and we wrestled it halfway up the stairs before we thought of taking the feet off!'

In an old house that’s been added to 
and altered over the years, nothing is straightforward. All the walls and floors are crooked, but the owner now doesn't worry stopped if something’s at a bit of an angle, as it’s part of the charm.

'When we’ve moved furniture and shelves, we’ve sometimes discovered odd holes or defunct electric cables that we’ve had to work around. Getting involved in the process has been really worthwhile for me, as 
I’ve picked up skills and found out so much about how the house actually functions,' says the owner.


two weeks of moving in, the couple's Dachshund had also arrived to complete the picture. 'I just love being at home now, but things won’t be standing still just yet. I’ve got lots more ideas I’d like to try out,’ the owner says.