Appliance experts caution about the 'major risks' of using an air fryer in a cupboard

A clear worktop isn't worth making this dangerous mistake

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Although we have an infinite love for air fryers, we understand that they may not always be the most attractive or compact item on your worktop. So it's understandable that you may have wondered whether you could use your air fryer in a cupboard (or any other enclosed area).

We get it; even some of the best air fryers on the market aren't always kitchen eye-candy – especially if you're trying to champion a minimalist, clean look. And if you've got a small kitchen layout then you no doubt want to protect precious worktop space.

So, perhaps if in a response to these issues, you've started down the path of putting an air fryer in a cupboard, not just for storage but for use, then you must stop immediately.

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Can you use an air fryer in a cupboard?

In short, no. You should never use an air fryer in a cupboard or any enclosed location, for that matter. Air fryers need ventilation, and trying to use an air fryer in a cupboard is advised against and is dangerous to do.

'An air fryer should not be used in a cupboard as this could cause major risks,' states
Thea Whyte,'s air fryer expert.

'Similar to other cooking equipment, air fryers produce heat while they are in use. When an air fryer is kept inside a cupboard, heat can build up and harm the equipment or create a fire hazard,' warns Dennis Digwa, appliance expert at RGBDirect.

Air fryer on kitchen worktop

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'Proper ventilation is crucial when using an air fryer to allow heat dissipation and prevent overheating,' continues Dennis. 'Operating the air fryer in an open and well-ventilated area ensures safety and optimal performance.'

'To prevent insufficient ventilation or heat damage, it's crucial to leave enough space around these appliances when in use,' adds Ian Palmer-Smith, appliance expert at Domestic & General. 'So I would recommend they are not put in a cupboard, with or without ventilation.'


Can you use an air fryer in a cabinet?

No. In the same way, you can't use an air fryer in a cupboard, you must also avoid using an air fryer in a cabinet or any other similar enclosed space.

'I would not recommend putting them in a cupboard or a corner or wall on the countertop,' clarifies appliance expert, Ian Palmer-Smith at Domestic & General.

Can you put an air fryer in a cabinet?

While you can't actively use an air fryer in a cabinet, you can store an air fryer in a cabinet when it's not in use providing that it's completely cooled down.

Appliance expert, Dennis Digwa at RGBDirect even advises you to 'ensure that the air fryer has proper ventilation even when stored'. This is because adequate ventilation will help dissipate any residual heat after it's been used and prevent overheating.

Air fryer on kitchen worktop

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'A cupboard should only be used for storage, but always make sure to check the appliance has cooled before you store it away,' says Thea.

Prematurely storing your air fryer before it's had a chance to properly cool down is a common air fryer mistake people often make, mainly as a result of time constraints or just out of pure desire to keep an organised kitchen worktop

'Remember that safety is paramount, so avoid storing the air fryer in a way that might compromise proper ventilation or expose it to potential hazards,' concludes Dennis.

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