Compact equipment for small kitchens

There are free-standing compact versions of most kitchen appliances

There are free-standing compact versions of most kitchen appliances. To most manufacturers, the term 'compact' encompasses everything from slimline machines, such as 45cm-wide dishwashers and 50cm-wide fridge-freezers, to very small tabletop models.

The ZRT210W is an under-counter fridge-freezer from Zanussi,, offering a saving of 30cm in width over a conventional fridge and freezer standing side by side. Compact washing machines that wash from 3 to 3.5kg of laundry are made by Candy,, and Zanussi.

The Candy AQ1000 accepts a 3.5kg load and costs around £360. Candy also supplies the Trio 501, a 60cm combination oven, hob and dishwasher, around £670. To make the best use of limited space, approach one of the companies that specialises in fitting complete kitchens into small spaces. John Strand Kitchens,, has black, white, cream, stainless steel and wood-effect cabinets (above) and compact appliances.

Another firm specialising in standard and bespoke small kitchens, in coloured, metallic and wood-effect finishes, complete with compact appliances, is Space Savers,