Meet halogen ovens - the cheaper alternative to air fryers

They may be cheaper but they're just as healthy - and they won't drive up your energy bills

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If there's one appliance we can guarantee you've been hearing about recently it's the air fryer. But it's time to meet the nifty alternative - the halogen oven.

Air fryers have had a recent surge in popularity, thanks to using less energy to run than a traditional oven, while offering a healthy way to cook. But with demand outstripping supply, and many of those left on sale at higher price points, we've been looking for the next best thing. 

Argos halogen oven

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The halogen oven

Halogen ovens work by halogen bulbs in the lid releasing infrared heat which is circulated around a glass bowl by fans. Like air fryers, halogen ovens help to save energy in your home, cutting down your electricity bills. Similarly, they produce well-cooked food quicker than a traditional oven and without the need for lashings of unhealthy oil.

Recent research by Utilita found that on average, air fryers cost £55.91 a year to run, compared with £121.06 for gas cookers and £335.57 for electric cookers. As for halogen ovens? They're around 75% cheaper than the standard electric oven to run.

Our halogen oven picks

Cookworks Digital Halogen Oven, £56, Argos

Cookworks Digital Halogen Oven, £56, Argos

This 15 litre Argos model has 10 heat settings and 3 cooking functions, so you can grill, bake and roast all the way up to  250° C.

The £56 Argos model may seem too good to be true, but we've been reading through the reviews and it's certainly a hit when it comes to halogen ovens vs air fryers.

'Well made and the digital controls are really helpful and so easy to use,' says one customer from Tunbridge Wells. 'We've cooked two Sunday roasts for 4 people in this including pork and crackling with roast spuds and roasted veg and they were spot on.'

Another happy customer raved about the halogen oven over air fryers. 'Had a few halogen ovens in the past, this one beats them all,' says the customer from Liverpool. 'Works brilliantly and saves lots of fuel as you are only heating up a small area instead of a large oven. You don’t need to spend hundreds on an air fryer when you can buy this. Best buy ever.'

Schallen 17L Halogen Cooker, £49.99, Amazon

Schallen 17L Halogen Cooker, £49.99, Amazon

There are many halogen ovens on Amazon, but at less than £50 and with 4.5 stars this one is worth a go. It has a 17 litre capacity, adjustable temperature controls and is perfect for cooking, grilling, baking and roasting.

The Amazon alternative isn't short on praise, either. 'This is my favourite and most used item in my kitchen,' says one review.

'I bought this on a whim having looked at other, far more expensive, cookers by a well known brand. So pleased I did,' says another customer. 'I have used it every day so far and cooked meat and fish successfully. Even better, it’s quick to heat up, no cooking smells as my home is open plan and easy to clean. I am delighted with it.'

So, what do we think - is the halogen oven the new air fryer?

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