Kitchen appliances: 5 stylish ways to design a practical cooking space

Want to get the most out of your kitchen appliances? From clever concealing to perfect positioning, Country Homes & Interiors share their solutions...

Beauty and function go hand in hand when it comes to modern country kitchen design, so we've shortlisted five of the best ways to incorporate appliances into the room without compromising on style...

Aim High
Bending to fill and empty a dishwasher can be hard on your back so think about raising it off the floor. ‘Positioning the dishwasher higher is particularly good for people who want to avoid bending too much,' says Sofia Bune Strandh, Managing Director, Sola Kitchens. ‘Here, the microwave above

is also at an ideal working height'.

kitchen room with dishwasher and cabinet

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From bag to store
Unpacking shopping bags can be a drag at the best of times, so make life easier by placing your fridge and larder next to each other. ‘A regular feature of our kitchen designs is to locate the larder cupboard near the fridge. That way all of your dry and refrigerated storage is one place, which makes unloading the shopping and finding all your cooking ingredients much more efficient,' says Tom Edmonds, Director, Lewis Alderson kitchens.

kitchen room with white wall and fridge

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Go for induction
A traditional range is the perfect accompaniment to a country style kitchen. If you prefer a more contemporary cooking option, then many manufacturers now have induction tops on their classic ranges, giving you the best of both worlds. ‘The TR4110 Victoria range cooker mixes traditional styling with modern technology for people who like a more classic aesthetic but want the speed and ease of induction cooking,' says Joan Fraser, Product Training and Development Manager, Smeg.

kitchen room with white wall tiles and wooden flooring

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Perfect symmetry
Sandwiching a large island between a bank of cabinetry and appliances to one side and a dining table to the other will produce a symmetrical, uncluttered feel. If you decide to include a wine cooler, make life easier make sure it faces on to the dining area, to save your legs as the night wears on,' Richard Davenport Managing Director, Davenport Kitchens.

kitchen area with marble worktop and wooden beam

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Conceal appliances
Ingenious concealing of appliances such as dishwashers and microwaves will help to keep the overall look more farmhouse than functional. ‘The integrated microwave section of our traditional Housekeeper's cupboard is a popular concept with our clients. It has an up and over door that slides away for ease of use and a shelf below, which can be pulled out, providing a useful work surface, too,' says Peter Loftus, Sales Manger, Chalon.

kitchen area with wooden table and fridge

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