Before and after: take a look at this kitchen extension project

Fed up with their small kitchen, the owners extended into the garden and transformed the layout to create a kitchen-diner with space to eat and relax

before and after makeover of kitchen with wooden cabinet
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When the owners moved to their home five years ago, they weren't particularly looking for a modern house, but they could see this offered more options for a kitchen extension than the two-bedroom Victorian cottage they'd left.

The new house had an extra bedroom and is set over three levels. It originally had a garage and a small kitchen on the ground floor, but as there's off-street parking, the couple decided to convert the garage into a playroom/study and cloakroom. That just left the problem of the kitchen.

'We love to entertain, but the layout simply didn't lend itself to that,' say the owners. 'There was just enough room to fit a table in, but everything felt crammed, and you couldn't have more than two people in the kitchen at once. If guests were in the living room upstairs, the person cooking was stuck downstairs.'

Building a kitchen extension into the garden was the answer, giving the family space where they could all be together, plus room to entertain friends.

kitchen with white wall window and faucets

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'We extended out the maximum three metres allowed,' say the owners. 'We wanted bifold doors across the back, which we could open up in the summer, and were also keen on an island to divide up the space and to provide a breakfast bar for casual eating.' The building work lasted for three months and the result is exactly what the owners had hoped for.

kitchen with chair and kitchen platform

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The couple spent a large part of their budget on appliances, so they waited until the sales to buy the units. 'We found some modern, white-gloss ones and got a great deal,' they say, 'with a worktop, sink and tap included in the cost.'

kitchen cabinet with kitchen platform and storage unit

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Deciding on the wall tiles caused the most trouble: 'We had a huge row about it!' they say. 'I had my eye on some brick-style ones, while my husband wanted something that would make a statement and found these interesting mosaics in black, grey and silver. I was worried the kitchen would look like a disco, but he talked me round. I have to say I've come to like them - the silver touches reflect the light perfectly.'

mosaic tiles hawes kitchen extension

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To keep with the monochrome look, the owners chose large grey floor tiles. They're practical and make the space feel bigger, and before laying them, they fitted underfloor heating, so the room is always cosy. A stylish vertical radiator was also added.

kitchen with white shelf fruit and white wall

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A couple of armchairs in the corner provide comfortable seating for anyone who wants a chat while the chef performs their magic.

kitchen with crockery and flower pot

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With two young children, a wipe-clean tablecloth was a must. The owners opted for a stripe design in bright colours, which allowed them to bring in accessories in those tones, too.

kitchen with crockery and flower pot

(Image credit: Future PLC /Colin Poole)

Now that the work is complete, the couple are delighted with their kitchen extension and the much larger space they have. 'We can't wait for our first dinner party now,' they say.

Shopping list

Kitchen units, £2.570, quartz worktop (including sink and tap), £1,250, all Magnet

Floor tiles, £34.84 per sq m, Johnson Tiles

Mosaics, £17.99 per tile, Topps Tiles

Bar stools, £48 each, Achica

Extendable dining table, £449, and dining chairs, £45 each, all Made

Armchairs, £79.99 each, Ikea

Tablecloth, £30, John Lewis

Wall paint, £15.99 for 2.5ltr, Dulux

Radiator, £620, Radiating Style

This kitchen originally appeared in Style at Home, February 2017