I tried Salter's more affordable Velvestiser dupe The Chocolatier - it's perfect for winter evenings at home

Love having quality hot chocolate at home? We tested Salter's The Chocolatier to see if it can match up to pricier alternatives

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One thing that is sure to warm up any winter evening is a mug of hot chocolate, especially when you can whip one up in your own home. The Chocolatier is the iconic homeware brand Salter's attempt to make that experience with one of the best milk frothers a little more affordable, with an RRP of £59 compared to more expensive alternatives (we're talking about Hotel Chocolat's Velvetiser, of course).

We love the Velvetiser here at Ideal Home, as well as more affordable dupes like the Aldi Hot Chocolate Maker, so we had to try this one out too. During testing, I found that The Chocolatier had more uses than just cocoa - it can also be used to froth milk for hot and cold drinks. You can also use dairy and plant milk with this appliance, making it great for sweetening up Veganuary.

Salter Professional EK5134 Hot Chocolate Maker | £59.00 at Amazon

Salter Professional EK5134 Hot Chocolate Maker | £59.00 at Amazon
Make hot chocolate, and froth milk for lattes and cappuccinos as well as cold iced drinks with this compact appliance from Salter.

The Chocolatier Electric Hot Chocolate Maker

Hot chocolates have become an evening staple in my flat with The Chocolatier; I'm talking vegan ones (for my boyfriend) and ones made with real chocolate flakes. The maker has a maximum 240ml capacity for making hot chocolates and a 115ml capacity for frothing milk for other hot drinks.

It's nice and small (‎16.8 x 11.1 x 18.6 cm) so it's easy to store if you prefer having a clear countertop as I do. To use, you pedal through the different modes by pressing the one button that's on the front of the jug. There are illustrations that correspond to the different settings (thick hot froth, light froth, hot chocolate, and cold milk froth). 

For hot chocolate, you add 35g of flakes or powder to a max of 240 ml of milk - I find this usually equates to 2 and a half tablespoons if you don't want to go to the bother of grabbing your scales. It takes just a few minutes for the chocolate to be heated and combined with the milk, and the machine works quietly.

There's no more need to use your microwave or heat up milk on the hob with The Chocolatier. The results are noticeably smoother than these methods too and feel like a proper treat at home.

Image of Chocolatier being used to make hot chocolate at home

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If you're also on the lookout for a 2-in-1 milk frother and hot chocolate maker combo, then I'm pleased to report that the results from the Chocolatier for coffee are great. I've made many lattes with it, and it's great fun for practising latte art at home with a steady pour. 

It's worth bearing in mind that you can only make froth milk for one coffee at a time with The Chocolatier, unlike a more expensive choice like the Smeg Milk Frother, which has a hot frothing capacity of 250ml.

How does it compare to other hot chocolate makers?

Either of these hot chocolate makers or even just a milk frother that can handle chocolate flakes is a fab way to boost your mood at home. Will you be trying one out for yourself?

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