Meet LG’s PuriCare Aero Furniture – a revolutionary two-in-one air purifier and side table that we can’t get enough of

It adds serious fun and function

LG PuriCare Aero Furniture
(Image credit: LG)

The benefits of a good air purifier are endless – improving your home’s air quality, eradicating dust and dealing with allergy-causing pollen are just a few. 

The only issue with even the best purifiers is the fact that it’s a piece of tech that’s constantly on display in your home without adding much in the way of style. But the new LG PuriCare Aero Furniture air purifier is about to change that with its revolutionary design.

Introduced earlier this month at the IFA 2023, the world’s biggest trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances, the LG air purifier is unique in its functional, two-in-one design with 360-degree air-purifying technology built into the base of a side table. 

The purifier neatly serves a dual purpose with the tech concealed, blurring the line between furniture and appliances. How clever is this as a creative alternative to a traditional coffee table?

LG announces PuriCare Aero Furniture air purifier 

LG PuriCare Aero Furniture

(Image credit: Molly Cleary)

Available in three colourways – raspberry-coloured Crème Rose, pale yellow called Crème Yellow and light grey tone named Crème Grey – the PuriCare Aero Furniture is designed with individuality in mind, which is why it’s customisable. 

The round table top is actually removable and can be interchanged. So you can even go for a two-tone design if you so choose. Whatever suits your taste and home interior.

Ideal Home’s Ecommerce Editor, Molly Cleary, was at the IFA showcase last week and saw the LG air purifier in person. 'I loved the LG air purifier table when I saw it at IFA, and think it's an amazing way to prioritise air quality at home without having to compromise on aesthetics.'

'The interchangeable tabletop designs are great for making these tables even more suited to different homes, and LG quality pretty much never misses. If I was buying a new air purifier, I'd definitely be swayed by the versatility of this one.’

LG PuriCare Aero Furniture

(Image credit: LG)

Boasting a rather petite size, this piece is the perfect addition to small living room ideas. But there’s even more than meets the eye here...

The tabletop’s underside is equipped with easy-to-use controls to change between different airflow modes and even mood lighting options. Plus the design comes with a handy built-in wireless charger – how cool is that?!

And while we’re not clued in about the precise UK release date and price point, we will keep you updated along the way. So watch this space.

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