What colours go with a grey sofa – interior stylists reveal how to style this shade for maximum impact

Personalise this popular sofa colour choice to your own individual style

A modern living room with a grey sofa and plants
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Grey is one of the most popular colour choices when it comes to sofas. It is a neutral and versatile canvas that goes with almost anything. But it can be confusing to discern what colours go with a grey sofa best.

That’s why we consulted interior stylists and sofa specialists to reveal what their go-to colour pairings are if your best sofa happens to be grey. Whether you’re going for a minimalist, quiet luxury vibe or a more vibrant living room colour scheme, we cover all the bases here. 

What colours go with a grey sofa

If you’re after some grey living room ideas because you own one of the best grey sofa beds (or regular sofas) and are wondering how to best style and what colours to pair it with, you’ve come to the right place.

‘If you’re not sure what colour to choose for your new sofa, then the timeless and versatile nature of grey would make it a great choice,’ says Jemma Jaques, visual design lead at The Lounge Co. ‘There’s a grey for everyone; from light and airy dove grey to deep, dramatic charcoal.’

The shade of grey that your sofa is coloured in is important when deciding what other hues to pair it with. But in all honesty, it’s very difficult to go completely wrong here as most colours pair well with most greys. 

A living room with a grey velvet sofa and patterned cushions

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‘Grey sofas are a great option if you want to add a contemporary touch to any colour scheme and there are very few colours that wouldn’t work great with grey, due to its neutrality,’ says Victoria Foster, interior stylist at ScS.

But of course, there are some grey living room mistakes to avoid. And to help you steer clear of them, we’ve broken down the 4 best colour and shade categories to pair with your grey sofa.

1. Blue

blue living room with grey sofa and mirror

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If you’re after a sophisticated look, then you can’t go wrong with blue.

‘A timeless colour pairing is grey and blue,’ Victoria explains. ‘Opting for a deep navy blue will create a cosy warm feel in your living room, whereas a lighter blue will offer more brightness and calm, taking inspiration from coastal interiors and beach houses.’

2. Cream and white

A modern living room with a grey sofa and plants

(Image credit: Future PLC/Anna Stathaki)

A grey sofa is the perfect starting point for a Scandi decorating idea. And if you want to stick to the minimalist, muted but at the same time cosy aesthetic, then choosing accessories in fellow neutral tones like cream and white is the way to do it.

‘If you love the simplicity and calmness that grey provides and want to continue this throughout your living room, creams and whites pair perfectly with it,’ Victoria says. ‘Make sure to layer different neutral textures and tones to create a cosy Scandi-inspired style, and try adding touches of cool-toned brown for a super luxe feel.’

3. Orange tones

Mallory 2 Corner 1 Right Hand Facing Chaise Standard Back

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The coolness of grey set against the warmth of orange, rust and terracotta tones is a match made in heaven.

‘For a bolder, contrasting colour scheme, oranges and rust tones are a great option; providing an ultra-warm balance to a cool grey sofa,’ Victoria recommends. ‘You can also incorporate complementary colours to the room too - accents of green, white and dark blue work with the orange and grey beautifully. Similarly, another great way to achieve this contrast but with a softer result is using Pantone’s 2024 colour of the year ‘Peach Fuzz’ - this shade of pinky orange works seamlessly with a light grey sofa and accents of white.’

4. Green

Living area with bay window, white shutters , green painted walls and white occasional chair

(Image credit: Future PLC / James Balston)

Why not bring the outside in by injecting your living room and grey sofa with green-coloured accessories? After all, grey and green make for a great team.

‘You can bring grey to life by bringing the outside in and pairing it with natural shades of green. Hues of moss, olive, and forest green will all add organic richness to a grey sofa,’ Jemma advises.

Victoria continues, ‘Green living rooms are always a great option, and a grey sofa can make a great addition to accents of green. A dark grey sofa would pair perfectly with lighter forest green tones or sage, whilst lighter grey sofas are great with the pop of colour dark green provides.’


What colour should I paint my walls if my sofa is grey?

White and cream paint colours will, of course, make for great neutral and safe choices. Especially if you like to change your living room decor often. 

But if you’re feeling a bit more brave, then there are some more vibrant shades that you can paint your walls with.

‘A light grey sofa provides brightness and neutrality meaning you can safely paint the walls a darker colour and strike a harmonious balance between the two elements. This style will give your room depth and cosiness, whilst the grey will balance the room out.’ 

She continues, ‘If your sofa is a darker grey colour, try opting for a warm mid-tone colour on the walls such as blush pink or sage green, as the contrast the light sofa provides will stop the room from feeling too dark and instead create a welcoming space to unwind.’ 

‘Generally any wall colour with cool-toned undertones will pair well with grey, it’s just important to then style it with soft furnishings and textures to give the room a warm and homely feel.’

A living room with a grey sofa and matching knitted throw and cushions

(Image credit: Future PLC/Dominic Blackmore)

How do you style a room with a grey sofa?

‘Grey looks equally at home in both contemporary and classic interiors, so you can style a grey sofa to suit your personal taste,’ Jemma starts. 

Going with a Scandinavian style is one option.

‘If you’re inspired by Scandi-style interiors, then you should opt for natural tones and textures. Add warm neutrals, and accessories in blonde wood, chunky knit, or boucle to tap into the “hygge” vibe,’ Jemma explains. 

Victoria adds, ‘As grey is often cool-toned it is important to complement this with warming textures and shades, otherwise your living room may feel clinical and unwelcoming.’ 

‘Using an assortment of scatter cushions and throws will harmoniously join the sofa with the rest of the room, by tying in different colours and textures. Positioning the sofa on a large textured or fluffy rug will make the whole room feel cosier and counteract some of the coldness that grey can add,’ she concludes.

When it comes to a grey sofa, the world is your oyster really. So go explore!

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