Modern radiator covers - our pick of the best

Looking for a modern radiator cover to conceal heating essentials? Take a look at our edit of modern radiator covers to make a style statement of radiators.

Instantly hide an unattractive central heating essential with a modern radiator cover, because let's be honest electric radiators are rarely beautiful pieces of contemporary design. Nor do they have the charm of traditional cast-iron radiators. However, when disguised with clever modern radiator covers and smart cabinets, this essential feature of the modern home (no-one wants to lose their central heating!) can blend in with the rest of your decorating scheme. Radiator covers can, in fact, be extremely practical: they hide intrusive, unsightly radiators, protect children from burning themselves, and some even provide extra storage in the form of an above-radiator shelf. No longer associated solely with traditional decor, these days there are a number of contemporary designer radiator covers, contemporary cabinets and stylish radiator grills that suit many up-to-date schemes from minimalist to retro modern. Not convinced? Just take a look at our selection of modern radiator covers.

Littlewoods Adam Black Glass Radiator Cover

(Image credit: Littlewoods)

Adam Black Glass Radiator Cover


Height: 64 cm
Width: 120 cm
Depth: 3.5 cm

Turn drab radiators into a modern feature with this stylish Adam glass radiator cover. Made of sleek black tempered glass, this cover slots effortlessly over your radiator to turn a functional feature into something truly eye-catching. It is perfect for revitalizing any room without having to splash out on decorating. 

Adam Black Glass Radiator Cover, £79, Littlewoods.

3Dmodular GEO High Gloss Radiator Cover

(Image credit: 3Dmodular)

GEO High Gloss Radiator Cover


Width: 70cm

Create an ultra contemporary look in your room with an impressive radiator with cut-out design. This design resembles an abstract woodland scene and will add unique interest to modern minimal schemes. MDF coated in PVC foil. 

GEO High Gloss Radiator Cover, £183, 3Dmodular.

Worldstores Rad Wraps Skulls Radiator Cover

(Image credit: Worldstores)

Rad Wraps Skulls Radiator Cover


Height: 60 cm
Width: 100 cm

Give your radiator a Gothic feel with this Rad Wraps skulls radiator cover. Its innovative design will allow heat to travel through the cover ensuring you don't lose any energy and it's easy to install as the entire cover is magnetic. The cover is long lasting and won't fade or degrade so you can enjoy it until you decide to re-design your room. Please note this cover is not compatible with aluminium or non-metal radiators as well as radiators with a low front surface area. 

Rad Wraps Skulls Radiator Cover, £50, Worldstores.

B&Q New Suffolk Radiator Cover

(Image credit: B&Q)

New Suffolk Radiator Cover


Height: 80 cm
Width: 102 cm
Depth: 18 cm

This petite radiator cover  is the perfect fit for smaller rooms and radiators. The fresh painted white wood and clean lined design make an amicable addititon to modern coastal schemes. Painted MDF. 

New Suffolk Radiator Cover, £70, B&Q.

Wayfair PelayoMobles Wooden Radiator Cover

(Image credit: Wayfair)

PelayoMobles Wooden Radiator Cover


Height: 71 cm
Width: 90 cm
Depth: 19.5 cm

Smart, sleek and minimal this wooden radiator will add warmth and interest to modern schemes. 

PelayoMobles Wooden Radiator Cover, £185, Wayfair.

Designer Radiators Art Radiators White Radiator Cover

(Image credit: Designer Radiators)

Art Radiators White Radiator Cover


Height: 62 cm
Width: 95 cm

The perfect radiator for fans of Minimalism. This simple, smooth radiator cover is easily attached by magnets and turns an unsightly radiator into a clean and understated style statement. Powder-coated mild steel. 

Art Radiators White Radiator Cover, £346, Designer Radiators.

Modern Radiator Covers CASA Moroccan Radiator Covers and Console Tables

(Image credit: Modern Radiator)

CASA Moroccan Radiator Covers and Console Tables


Height: 65 cm
Width: 70 cm

This modern Moroccan-style radiator manages to be both contemporary and classic and will fill any living space with eastern promise. The intricate pattern is laser cut out of premium zinc metal and finished with white satin specialised paint. 

CASA Moroccan Radiator Covers and Console Tables, £429, Modern Radiator Covers.

Modern Radiator Covers White YOYO Radiator Cover

(Image credit: Modern Radiator Covers)

White YOYO Radiator Cover


Depth: 17 cm

Get a retro look with this eyelet design white radiator cover. The soft curved edging and funky geometric design will turn your drab radiator into something special. Available in a range of sizes. 

White YOYO Radiator Cover, £369, Modern Radiator Covers.

Fireplace World Medium Black Burford Radiator Cover

(Image credit: Fireplace World)

Medium Black Burford Radiator Cover


Suitable for radiators: 900 - 1100 mm

Transform the look of your radiator with this easy to assemble radiator cover. The grid panel pattern allows heat to transfer from your radiator in to the living space thus still allowing the room to warm up. The black finish allows you to transform your living space in an instant. 

Medium Black Burford Radiator Cover, £69, Fireplace World.

Homebase Virginia Radiator Cabinet

(Image credit: Homebase)

Virginia Radiator Cabinet


Height: 20.3 cm
Width: 87.8 cm
Depth: 17.6 cm

Give your room a warm look with a modern radiator cover made of classic oak.  Strong lines and a slatted front keep the radiator hidden without compromising on heat. 

Virginia Radiator Cabinet, £110, Homebase.


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