4 ways to decorate with inky blue

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  • Be a shade braver and introduce this deep shade of blue into your home

    Inspired by the look of the blurred, deep blue glaze on china, inky blue can give any room a dramatic look. Just follow a few decorating rules for a fresh, unfussy scheme. Firstly, inky blues command attention, which is why it’s best to let them do the talking. Choose just one shade of blue and one white – the simplicity of this combo is its strength, so don’t confuse matters by adding any accent colours. Mix a deep blue backdrop with white furniture – avoid pure white (which is too much of a contrast) and cream (which is too yellow), in favour of faded and linen whites. Finish off the look with tie-dye, ombre and dip-dye patterns for a nod to boho style.

    1. In a living room

    Create an ombre effect on walls starting with an intense, indigo blue at the bottom graduating to paler mid-denim tones. White flooring and loose sofa covers will lessen the overall intensity of the blue. Echo the watercolour effect on the walls with tie-dye cushions covers and blue ceramics.

    2. In a home office

    Dare to use dark blue on all four walls – it’ll make white-framed artwork and white furniture stand out beautifully. Schemes with intense, solid colour demand texture, so throw in pieces
    made of raw wood and battered metal to add a laid-back feel.

    3. In a bedroomIf you’re addicted to neutrals, heavy blues are the perfect foil for them, so you’ve already got the perfect base in place. Upgrade a neutral bedroom scheme with a bold patterned wallpaper and hand-dyed fabrics in indigo blue.

    4. In a dining roomTry a contrast of half blue and half white on walls, with white paint beneath a dado rail, for a simple scheme. Add interest with a display of large blue-and-white prints in white frames and swap plain tableware and glassware for designs with blue swirled patterns.

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