5 houseplants that are (near) impossible to kill

In the dark about how to keep houseplants alive? Pick your plants carefully, and they'll bloom… however badly you treat them

If you find yourself looking longingly at green-fingered friends who can make even the weediest of cuttings bloom, or watched, mystified as plants in your care wilt on the windowsill within days, we’re here to help.

It’s a little-known secret that some plants out there are actually near impossible to kill; they’ll make those with even the worst gardening skills look like they work at Kew. And we’re not talking your usual spider plant solution. If this sounds good, keep reading…


The plant version of a bursting firework of colour, when treated right this impressive flora adds an exotic touch to homes. The trick is to not overwater the plant, and to remove excess water from the pot each week to prevent root rot. Kept in warm conditions it should flower, but even without the colourful centrepiece the verdant leaves look lovely.


Dark corners or north-facing spaces are the ideal spot for these shade-loving plants, with their prettily shaped teardrop leaves. They also only need watering about once a week, proving the age-old adage of treat ’em mean, keep ’em keen works!

Mother-in-law’s Tongue

Tough as old boots, these plants will stand their ground even if you pay them no attention (just like your mother-in-law, hence the name?). In fact, they thrive in what might be considered hostile conditions – darker, drier environments. The biggest danger with these plants is overwatering, so it’s a good thing if you forget the watering can on occasion!


Native to hot, desert-like environments, the tiny pink petals of this plant’s flowers bring a burst of colour to sunny rooms. They bask in the sun’s rays but don’t need a lot to drink, so they can survive happily with very little attention.

Jade Plant

Plump, rubbery leaves that store moisture are the reason this succulent is so hardy. The South African native, which needs very little water and is fond of indirect light, grows to look like a little tree. Don’t panic if the leaf edges turn a little red – the plant’s not dead, it’s just ‘sunburnt’!

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