7 reasons why orange is the new black in interiors

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  • To celebrate season three of Orange is the New Black, we’re stealing colour inspiration from the ladies of Litchfield Penitentiary

    Orange is the New Black is back on Netflix – hurrah!

    Sadly the interiors of the Litchfield Penitentiary are somewhat lacking on the inspiration front, so instead we’re taking our lead from the bright boiler suits worn by its glamorous inmates and seeing if we can make orange work as well in our homes as it does on Piper, Alex, Pennsatucky and co.

    If the thought of an orange kitchen smacks too strongly of the Seventies for you, feast your eyes on this sleek glass splashback.

    The combination of colour blocking and handleless white units creates an ultra-contemporary scheme that isn’t overwhelmed by the vibrant orange.

    An orange vinyl floor adds oomph to this otherwise muted bathroom and is super easy to clean, too.

    For a subtle way to work orange accents into a room, paint the inside of a shelving unit then fill it with simple white accessories or, for a fun touch, offset the orange with similarly cheerful colours.

    If you’re feeling daring enough to paint your walls orange, the hallway might be a good place to start.

    In a living room, all-over orange might feel a bit much, but hallways can get away with it since they’re designed for passing through rather than hanging around in. Plus it’ll give you a warm welcome every time you walk through the front door.

    Retro wallpaper is another great way to work orange on your walls and looks especially chic when teamed with mid century-style dining furniture.

    To make orange pop, set it against a white background and combine it with its complimentary colour, blue, as expertly demonstrated in this airy conservatory.

    When it comes to bedrooms, orange may be a bit too lively for most, but it can still work as part of a restful scheme if you incorporate it in measured flashes and calm it down with muted greens and plain white walls and furniture.

    Ready to give orange a go? Here are a few more orange decorating tips to get you started

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