Aggie Mackenzie from ‘How Clean is Your House’ says you should do this to protect your home from coronavirus

And keep other bacteria and viruses at bay
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  • Coronavirus is one of the biggest health concern in the UK at the moment. However, our favourite cleaning expert Aggie MacKenzie has a top tip to help keep your household safe.

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    The coronavirus has raised awareness of keeping germs at bay. The number of people humming ‘Happy Birthday’ to themselves as they wash their hands is rising faster than confirmed cases.

    However, it’s pointless washing our hands if we aren’t keeping items that we regularly touch such as door handles clean.

    Aggie Mackenzie

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    We don’t know much about the virus COVID-19, however, it is believed that the virus can stay on door handles for up to nine days. It is super important to clean them regularly, even it is just to stop other germs from spreading.

    Luckily, Aggie has a tip to keep your handles virus free. ‘I would use a probiotic cleaning spray,’ she tells The Sun. ‘It’s the same theory as the probiotics we eat.’

    ‘These cleaning products contain ‘good bacteria’ that, when used, will colonise the surfaces, which means there is less space for harmful bacteria,’ she explains.

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    ‘We don’t know enough yet about how the coronavirus spreads, so it’s good to be extra cautious,’ she adds. ‘Clean things such as door handles, drawer handles and bannisters regularly.’

    However, if you are concerned about just spreading germs around your house with your cloth and brushes Aggie has another top tip.

    Aggy MacKenzie cleaning tips 2

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    ‘The easiest way to get clothes really clean is by putting them on the top shelf of the dishwasher,’ she explains.

    ‘You can also put a damp cloth in the microwave on high for a couple of minutes but it must be damp or it may catch fire,’ she adds. ‘Be careful when you take it out as it will be very hot.’

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    If you are nervous about putting your cloths in the microwave, you can pop them in a bowl of warm water and bleach for a few hours. Just remember to give them a rinse afterwards.

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