Anton Du Beke has a new dancing partner – and you’ll never guess who it is….

Anton Du Beke has choreographed his most unusual dance routine yet – a quick-step with a floor cleaner!

Ballroom superstar Anton Du Beke has given a new meaning to the term “dirty dancing” as a new study reveals that 70 per cent of Brits admit to turning everyday cleaning tasks into their own song and dance routine. The Strictly Come Dancing star has been cleaning the world famous Rivoli ballroom in South London, a regular sight on TV and in films.

Anton Du Beke Strictly Come Dancing

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To celebrate the power of dance as a way to enjoy the act of cleaning, Anton has danced with his most unusual partner yet – a Kärcher FC 5 Hard Floor Cleaner – as part of a campaign to inspire the nation to make cleaning effortless and fun.

And Anton is not alone in his “dirty dancing” habit – with new research from Kärcher highlighting that over 70 per cent of Brits dance whilst they clean, coming on top in a list of ways to make cleaning more enjoyable.

'Dancing is an important part of my everyday life, it’s not just my profession, it adds a layer of fun and magic to everything I do! I’m delighted to hear that the people of the nation embrace song and dance as part of their everyday routine – whether I’m cleaning my floor or tidying up after my children, I also enjoy drifting into one of my routines to speed through the chores and make them more enjoyable,' says Anton Du Beke.

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Did you know that every year you burn an average of 3000 calories on the steps you take cleaning and tidying? And you walk around 10 miles from just mopping your home?

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The 10 most popular ways of making cleaning feel quicker and more enjoyable are:

1. Dancing (74 per cent)
2. Singing (37 per cent)
3. Testing a new cleaning gadget (34 per cent)
4. Rewarding yourself with food and drink (30 per cent)
5. Combining it with exercise (19 per cent)
6. Turning it into a game (11 per cent)
7. Racing against a personal best time (7 per cent)
8. Pretending to be in a film/advertisement (4 per cent)
9. Sharing the end result on social media (2 per cent)
10. Watching DIY cleaning videos (2 per cent)

Brits also revealed the other things they’ve done to make cleaning more enjoyable. Nearly two-thirds (62 per cent) admit to singing their favourite songs whilst cleaning and a third (33 per cent) confess to rewarding themselves with food and drink after the job’s done.

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How do you make cleaning more enjoyable?

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