Are you a DIY dummy? These are the jobs that few of us can do

How are you at changing lightbulbs? How about hanging up pictures?

If your skills are lacking in the DIY department, fear not, you aren't alone. A study has revealed today that as a whole, we Brits are somewhat hopeless when it comes to DIY. But we probably already knew that…

Research carried out by home services marketplace Plentific has revealed that 21 per cent of us currently have more than four DIY jobs left uncompleted in our house, and that could be because one in five of us admit to not knowing how to do these basic jobs around the home.

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boxes with wires and nails

(Image credit: Future PLC/Maxwell Attenborough)

So which DIY tasks prove the most challenging? More than a quarter of Brits don’t know how to change a lightbulb, which, if we're honest with ourselves, is quite embarrassing as it's really not that difficult.

Almost half of us wouldn’t know how to fix a leaking tap, while a third of us do not know how to bleed a radiator – that’s important knowledge going into winter if you want your home to stay cosy and warm!

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A third of us do not know how to change a fuse, 28 per cent of us admit to not knowing how to put up a set of shelves, and a quarter of people do not know how to drill a hole in the wall.

DIY was ranked as the second most unpopular task after ironing, which explains why 82 per cent of us put off doing these jobs for as long as possible. Thank goodness for handymen, right?

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How do you rate your DIY skills? Let us know which jobs you find hardest in the comments box below...