What makes a bad house guest? We reveal the habits we find most annoying in our visitors

New research has brought to light what we Brits think makes a bad house guest. Are you guilty of any of these annoying habits?

We Brits may be know for being polite, but a new survey has revealed more than half of us do not like having house guests. And more than three quarters of us 'fessed up that we have friends or family members that annoy us when they visit.

Home interiors specialist Hillarys (opens in new tab) questioned 2,598 Brits aged 18 and over, and asked them what they felt were the most annoying habits displayed by visitors. Can you guess what stole the top spot?

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It may or may not surprise you to learn that 'refusing to take off shoes at the front door' is the behaviour that annoys us the most. This is closely followed by guests that help themselves to food from the fridge. Tut tut!

Here is the top-ten list of most annoying habits displayed by house guests in full:

  • Refusing to take their shoes off at the front door – 25%
  • Helping themselves to food from the fridge/cupboards – 17%
  • Taking control of the TV or music – 14%
  • Using the upstairs/ensuite bathroom – 12%
  • Never tidying up after themselves – 8%
  • Overstaying their welcome – 6%
  • Having no respect for belongings – 6%
  • Having no control over their children when they come round – 4%
  • Making a lot of noise, so much so that the neighbours have complained – 3%
  • Using towels that are on show – 2%

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We find certain habits so annoying, that 17 per cent of Brits say they have asked friends or family not to come over because of their behaviour. Yet shockingly, given how much certain habits grind our gears, 79 per cent of participants went on to say that the thing they most disliked about visiting a friend or family member’s house is ‘strict rules’. Talk about pot calling the kettle black!

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Do you agree that these are the most annoying habits of visitors to your home? Are you guilty of any of them yourself? Let us know in the comments box below…