Baskets for plants – are you on board with this latest craze?

They're no longer just for sensible storage...

Are you familiar with the latest craze of using baskets for plants? If not, you clearly haven't been following the right people on social media #plantsinbaskets. Houseplants are taking over our homes and it would seem the only way to display them in 2018 is in decorative baskets. What's not to love about this simple way to jazz up a less-than-attractive plant pot?

Speaking of the latest trends, have you seen The huge new bathroom trend taking over Instagram?

Take a look at these basket beauties for inspiration...

This simple basket is given a stylish edge thanks to a jolly pom-pom trim. Doesn't it look great taking pride of place in this dining area?

It's worth noting that baskets for plants are purely decorative. So, you will still need to have the correct plant pot inside the basket, or it could get messy! Most houseplants require drainage that can often mean a plate sat underneath a pot with a hole – all the basket will do is cover up said pot, making it look fabulous.

Houseplants are an easy, effective way to give any room an instant update. Bathrooms in particular are where we see this trend coming to life more and more.

In addition to simply looking great, houseplants are proven to be good for our health. Firstly, plants indoors can improve air quality by removing airborne pollutants. And secondly they have a calming influence – the mere sight of lush green can help to reduce stress levels. Let's collectively turn our homes into jungles and reap the health benefits, while being oh-so on trend, of course!

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The greenery of these houseplants looks extra lush against the broody dark walls.

room filled with decorative baskets of plants

(Image credit: John Lewis)

The new spring/summer Fusion range at John Lewis has an abundance of beautiful baskets to dress your plants up a treat!

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Here it's clear to see how a simple basket is perfect for hiding an unattractive plastic pot.

Why not really jazz things up by giving your plant a sequin-embellished basket?

Cluster together a variety of different baskets to create a striking plant display.

This simple woven baskets sits beautifully in a neutral decorating scheme.

Try elevating your plants to make sure they get the attention they deserve.

Matching baskets can add a more uniform look to keep interiors looking smart.

Don’t be shy with colours! The bold basket above makes a simple houseplant all the more interesting.

Line pretty baskets all in a row to make a real style statement.

Here’s a classic white design adding a decorative touch to a bathroom.

A colourful trim adds a pretty touch to this plant display.

If you love houseplants you’ll need to grab a decorative basket to stay on-trend this season.



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