Stuck at home this week? This is the room likely to cause the most arguments

You might want to tread carefully
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  • If you and your partner are stuck working from home this week, chances are tensions could start to run a little high. But if you’re hoping to avoid an argument, new research reveals the biggest cause of arguments in the home.

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    A study commissioned by the leading online heating supplier, BestHeating, revealed that 82 per cent of people admitted to arguing with partners or family over home-related issues. Anything from tea bags in the sink to not cleaning the dishes was found to get tempers running high.

    The biggest cause of arguments in the home

    The living room was found to be the main battleground in the house. Over a third of Brits admitted to arguing in this room.

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    TV choices were found to be the biggest cause of arguments with a third of the vote. However, leaving crumbs on the sofa was enough to stoke 16 per cent off respondents into a fight. While one in ten admitted to falling out over the heating.

    The kitchen was a close second to the living room for stoking fiery arguments. 31 per cent of people admitted to falling out over the heart of the home.

    The washing up was ground zero for the biggest number of arguments. There is nothing that will get tempers flaring like a stack of dirty dishes.

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    Damp towels in the bathroom helped secure Bathrooms third place as the most argued over rooms. 30 per cent of people admitted to snapping after getting fed up over lack of cleaning and damp towels.

    But even hanging the toilet roll the wrong way was enough to send some people on the warpath.

    ‘We can all related to losing out head in the home over things such as tea bags in the sink and not taking the bin out,’ says BestHeating’s John Lawless.

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    ‘Our study brings up cleanliness or the lack of it as the most argumentative point again and again, from not cleaning the bathroom properly to not washing up.

    ‘If you want to avoid stress and live a quieter life, make sure you’re not the one leaving the mess behind yourself!’ he adds.

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    Which room causes the most arguments in your house?

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