Why you should only clean your home once a week according to an IKEA tidy technician

Are you tidying too much?

If you can never seem to keep your home in order, the secret could lie in tidying you home only one day a week according to an IKEA tidy technician.

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In January IKEA in Australia announced they were hiring tidy technicians to declutter and organise Australian homes. Megan Dryden landed the dream role, along with nine other organisation experts.

IKEA tidy technician organisation tips

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After attending a 'tidy technician' bootcamp with IKEA Megan is well versed in every IKEA storage solution. As well as brimming with her own tidying tips.

Speaking to Femail the tidy technician revealed her top tip for keeping her home in order. Surprisingly, it's directly opposed to advice from other cleaning gurus.

Rather than spending 5 minutes every day tidying the house, Megan instead dedicates one day to a full tidy and clean. 'We use Sunday for tidying the home, rather than organising small sections of each room every day,' says Megan.

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However, there are some tasks that Megan and her husband will do every evening. Before going to bed they will make sure all the dishes are away and lunches are ready to go for the next day.

'It's a really simple and great way to start the day on the right foot and start fresh,' she says.

One of Megan's other secrets to an organised home is to ditch anything in your home you don't need.

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'Owning fewer items makes everything a lot easier to quickly tidy up, especially when company unexpectedly pops over or if you have regular family dinners,' Megan told Daily Mail Australia. 'I always try and encourage clients to set items to a designated area too so they can be found easily.'

The tidy technician roles are temporary, and part of the 'Tidy by IKEA' campaign. The aim is to help Australian homes destress and learn to make the most of the space in their home.

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Will you be making a change to your cleaning schedule?

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