Living room trends 2020 – top styling tips and trends to inspire for a new decade

From the new maximalist trend to the wall shades you need to know about for the year ahead
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  • As we head further into 2020, a new set of living room trends offer all the inspiration needed to give living rooms an upgrade. Whether that’s redefining the entire space with on-trend green paint shades and investing in this season’s so-now linen sofas, or simply upgrading soft furnishings with the latest bold and brave looks.

    The top new trends have something for everyone. You can choose the tranquil, relaxing back-to-nature looks that see you incorporating earthy colours (hello, terracotta) and natural materials (think rattan and jute) or get creative with the maximalist vibe, from multicoloured rugs to mix-and-match soft furnishings.

    Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong because it’s all about personal expression for 2020…

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    Discover the top living room trends for 2020

    1. Strip the look back to nature

    Living room trends

    Image credit: Amara

    ‘There is a real surge for the love of texture and organic type materials. Such as rattan and cane that can give interest whilst using feel-good fabrics to create a warm, unique and inviting atmosphere to your bedroom,’ says Sam Hood, Co-founder & Creative Director at

    2. Shine a spotlight on lovely linen

    Living room trends

    Image credit: Habitat

    ‘Over the last few seasons bright velvets have dominated sales of upholstery at Habitat, however in the last few months we’ve seen an emerging trend for linen-finish sofas, which are rapidly increasing in popularity and topping our bestsellers lists,’ explains Laura Burnett, Junior Buyer for Upholstery at Habitat.

    ‘Giving a more relaxed, informal feel, linens in more neutral colours (natural, grey, stonewash) are having a moment. With customers focusing on using calming materials in the home, looking at more oversized sofas such as our Askem design that tap into the current ‘cocoon’ trend in upholstery with generous cushioning to emphasise relaxation and escapism from the outside world.’

    3. Mix and match maximalism

    Living room trends

    Image credit: John Lewis & Partners

    ‘Individuality will remain at the forefront of design for 2020,’  says Philippa Prinsloo, partner and head of design, Home at John Lewis & Partners. ‘As interior enthusiasts look for ways to breathe new life into their rooms without a complete overhaul, carefully selected mix and match accessories will offer the opportunity to have a little fun and inject personality.

    ‘In addition beautiful and affordable timeless pieces, that consider material and shape, will be popular as shoppers balance value and provenance with style and design.’

    4. Rock ‘n’ roll rugs

    Living room trends

    Image credit: Carpetright

    ‘Carpet remains a popular choice as it offers a chance to be adventurous with flooring – considering colour, texture and comfort,’ says Anna Del-Molino, Carpetright carpet and rugs buyer. Try colourful stripes or geometric prints for a statement-making floor show.

    ‘For homeowners and renters alike, rugs that blend quality, style and affordability are key,’ she adds, ‘ allowing them to update their floors without huge expense and hassle.’

    5. Blue sky thinking

    Living room trends

    Image credit: Benjamin Moore

    ‘Whereas previously, neutral tones have been the most popular for living rooms, soft and versatile shades such as rose pink and sky blue have seen a surge in popularity for the coming season,’ explains Helen Shaw, director of Benjamin Moore UK. ‘Blue works perfectly in busy spaces where you look to form a sense of tranquility, such as a chaotic family living room.

    ‘Blue is one of the colours that require our eyes to do little-to-no adjusting, which will help to create a feeling of restfulness and harmony in the home. Not only does the shade bring a sense of calm, but it is also vibrant, injecting more life and energy into a space than a more traditional neutral tone.’

    6. Thinking pink

    Living room trends

    Image credit: Benjamin Moore

    ‘Rose pink is increasingly a popular choice for a range of living room styles,’ says Benjamin Moore‘s Helen Shaw. ‘Soft and dusky pink hues can flatter any space and reflect our renewed desire to use blush tones in grown-up spaces and introduce more colour overall into our environment.

    ‘A refreshing alternative to other warm neutrals such as cream or beige, rose pink is soft enough to flatter a multitude of looks, but bright enough to add a burst of joy into a room, reminiscent of a decade blooming with potential. ‘

    7. Modern luxe

    Living room trends

    Image credit:

    ‘The evolution of luxurious living,  modern luxe embodies the beguiling blend of beautiful design and plush materials,’ says Claire Wilks, design team at  ‘A celebration of refinement and saturated colour, this 2020 trend is a contemporary take on traditional luxury. Put together by carefully choosing pieces that ooze elegance and charm, it’s all about the delicate detailing.’

    ‘Combine little hints of brass and marble with rich colours like our newly launched Paprika velvet to bring life’s little luxuries to your everyday space.’

    8. Fabulous fluting and sumptuous curves

    Living room trends

    Image credit: Sofology

    ‘Fluting emerged as a big trend last season and we are confident it will continue into the next few,’ says’s Claire Wilks.

    The experts over at Sofology agree. Suzy McMahon, Sofology’s buying director, says curved and fluted shapes will be key living room trends going forward. She explains, ‘We’ve seen curvaceous furniture grow in popularity as an inviting alternative to the angular lines of more traditional pieces. In particular, there’s been a shift away from the more formal arrangement of two sofas facing each other in favour of more relaxed, curvaceous shapes that provide both comfort and ample space for entertaining. ‘

    She adds, ‘With flowing lines, scalloped edges and beautiful fluting, our Perle sofa is a standout example of curved design. We love the vibrant finish of the plush velvet, and the striking high set tapered legs.’

    9.  Desert charm

    Living room trends

    Image credit: La Redoute

    ‘Earthy tones will be a prominent trend this season,’ informs Liz Mason, brand manager at La Redoute.  ‘Natural textures such as rattan and woven jute, plus desert shades such as terracotta, sand and beige will all be popular as we aim to create natural, grounding environments where we can truly disconnect from our busy lives.’

    10. Down to Earth schemes

    Living room trends

    Image credit: Heal’s

    ‘As we step into the new decade, freshen up your lounge and build a tranquil, fuss-free scheme with a clean, nude palette,’ suggests Kris Manalo, senior upholstery buyer at Heal’s. This season mixes neutrals with pops of colour, with rich, earthy shades adding personality and depth.

    ‘The bright lacquered finish of our Cliff table in sabbia creates a sense of warmth whilst its distinctive mushroom silhouette adds a playful element. Made from 100 per cent recycled wood, this coffee table is both stylish and sustainable, making it the perfect addition to your lounge in 2020.’

    11. Braving bold colours

    Living room trends

    Image credit: Zoffany

    ‘We’ve all began to decorate with more confidence,’ says Peter Gomez, Lead Designer at Zoffany. ‘We’ve become braver with darker hues and are not afraid of making a brighter statement, either. There seems to be a more sophisticated way of using related tones to create a layered and sophisticated interior, whether that’s through painting ceilings or decorating all four walls the same colour.’

    He goes on to say, ‘Try a rich, on-trend deep green like Zoffany’s Huntsman Green, which perfectly represents the connection with nature trend that’s so on-point right now.’

    12. Creating a sense of calm

    Living room trends

    Image credit: French Connection 

    ‘There’s a definite trend towards cleansing the interior palette with a calming, woody, natural relaxed look,’ says a French Connection spokesperson. ‘With simple lines and ethnic vibes but washed over with a peachy almond warm glow referencing a sunny relaxed climate.’

    ‘French Connection has introduced some key statement pieces to set the scene, and accessorised with calm textures and pretty textiles in highlights of rose and cool mint.’

    13. Factoring in on-trend vinyl flooring

    Living room trends

    Image credit: Carpetright

    You’ve probably considered vinyl for your kitchen or dining room, but possibly not your living room? It’s time to think again as this easy-to-maintain material is having a resurgence. Pair it with a neutral scheme to create a so-now raw look.

    ‘Designing a white or neutral scheme doesn’t mean you have to decorate rooms without flair and personality,’ says David Snazel, Carpetright buyer, hard flooring. ‘Start with a simple plain base, on walls and floors. Layer in a variety of textures, shapes and materials like on-trend jute and rattan – to add interest and keep the room from looking too stark. Opt for easy to clean flooring, such as vinyl and laminate, to ensure it remains immaculate for years to come.’

    14. Welcoming the outside in

    Living room trends

    Image credit: Little Greene

    ‘Green is the true colour of nature, it is one that we associate with the tranquillity of the outdoors – making it an ideal hue for relaxing areas of the home,’ says Ruth Mottershead, marketing director at Little Greene.

    ‘For a restful living space, consider using green on all walls for a cosy, wrap-around feel. Sumptuous jewel tones like Jewel Beetle and Puck bring warmth and impact to a room and are complimented with furniture painted in rich tones like Chocolate Colour.’

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    So there you have it, all the trends to inspire your living room decorating projects for the year ahead.

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