Find the biggest house for your budget with this smart new online tool

You can also find the smallest, if size doesn't matter to you...

If you're sick of living somewhere where there's no room to swing a mouse, let alone the proverbial cat, may we present Mansion or Maisonette. The tool, created by Hillarys (the window treatments people) is designed to help anyone struggling for space – or conversely, overwhelmed by the number of rooms at their disposal.

The only snag? You'll need to be flexible about where you live! 

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To use the tool, simply pop in your budget and you'll be given two options – the smallest and the largest home available at that price point. We decided to try a few different price points to see exactly what our money could get us. And as you'll see, some of the results were quite surprising.

Incidentally, we should make it clear Ideal Home doesn't condone swinging animals of any size, feline or otherwise...

If you have £100,000 to spend...

sloping roof house with red brick walls and wooden door

(Image credit: Katie Lee)

Looking for more space? Move to Sunderland, where £100,000 could get you a five-bedroom home! Possibly not as grand as this one, but you certainly get plenty of bang – or should that be bedrooms? – for your buck! Or you could downsize significantly to a studio apartment on Brighton Marina.

If you have £400,000 to spend...

sloping roof house with red brick walls and white windows

(Image credit: Farrell Heyworth)

We're off to Kingston Upon Thames, where £400K can get you a small but perfectly formed one-bed flat in a new-build development. And if you have a brood resembling the Von Trapp family, you could head to Preston in Lancashire. Here, amazingly, your budget could stretch to a handsome 12-bed (!) detached Victorian property that previously served as a nursing home.

Rose Terrace is for sale through Farrell Heyworth.

If you have £600,000 to spend...

white multistoried building with rectangualr semiarched windows and black doors

(Image credit: Chancellors)

While £600,000 might sound like a small fortune, the most it will stretch to in Bayswater, London, is a one-bedroom apartment – albeit on the very smart Gloucester Terrace (above). It's currently on the market with Chancellors.

Head north, however, and you could be lording it up in an 8-bedroom property in Cardiff.

If you have £1million to spend...

You'd think one million pound would go a long way... and you'd be right if you relocate to Peterborough. here, you can currently buy a 14-bed property, on the market with City & County. In London, however, you'll have to make do with a modest two-bedroom flat in Vauxhall.

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'We all know that there can be huge price differences in property across different regions,' says Tara Hall, spokesperson for Hillarys. 'But it’s interesting to see these differences represented as square footage and see just how far a budget can stretch in certain areas.'

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