Most bizarre shower routines revealed – see what we’re getting up to while we wash

Turns out we do more than just lather up and rinse in our showers...
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  • What does your morning routine look like? Wake up, shower – hand-wash some clothing and maybe enjoy a biscuit while you’re in there? No? According to new research washing clothes and eating biscuits in the shower are just some of the most bizarre shower routines us Brits exercise.

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    New research found two thirds of us are self-confessed ‘shower multi-taskers’, who take the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone while performing our washing rituals.

    Find out what other ‘bizarre’ habits we get up to while working ourselves into a lather.

    shower routines

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    The study of 2000 adults, conducted by Triton Showers, found three in 10 adults brush their teeth as part of their shower routine. While four in 10 use the time to give the shower or bath a scrub and clean.

    A spokesman for Triton Showers tells us, ‘The shower room is clearly so much more than an area simply designated for washing. Busy Brits are opting to eat, drink and even go on social media when showering. Because they are time-strapped they therefore try to juggle lots of tasks all at once.’

    One in three claimed they crack on with other jobs due to feeling ‘bored’. How long are these folks in the shower is our first thought?

    Going to the toilet (gross), having sex and even taking a phone call are among the other ‘tasks’ adults undertake while showering.

    Shower routine

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    More than half admitted they use the time to make a mental shopping list for the next food shop, or plan what they’ll cook for dinner.

    Nearly half think life is just too busy, with 62 per cent claiming their time in the shower is their only chance to themselves to switch off.

    Here’s the full list of what we’re getting up to while in the shower cubicle…

    Top 20 shower habits

    1. Singing along to music
    2. Clean the shower/bath
    3. Shave
    4. Brushing teeth
    5. Having a wee
    6. Having sex
    7. Making life changing decisions
    8. Dancing
    9. Taking phone calls
    10. Wash items of clothing
    11. Exercising
    12. Stretching/yoga exercises
    13. Listening to audiobooks
    14. Enjoying a beer
    15. Watching TV shows on a tablet
    16. Drinking a cup of coffee
    17. Sipping a cup of tea
    18. Washing pets
    19. Eating biscuits
    20. Browsing social media

    shower routines

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    ‘Seems us Brits think nothing of multi-tasking in the shower. For many respondents it has become a normal part of everyday life,’ explains the spokesman for Triton Showers.

    ‘It makes sense to use the time wisely – although it is worrying to think people are using gadgets such as phones, tablets and shavers in such close proximity to water.’

    Good point, stay say while showering please people.

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    How many of the above can you relate to? We might leave our confessions in the shower thanks.

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