New year, new you? New B&M kitchen appliances aid healthy cooking

From Mo Farah's range to Weight Watchers, there's an affordable pro cooking appliance for everyone

Hands up if you're on a health kick (momentary pause while I pop my hand firmly in the air!). The last month passed most of us by in a blur of beige food. The result –our bodies craving all the greens and nutrients we can muster for a 'new year, new you' vibe.

If you're looking to improve your healthy cooking you might want to check out these discounted appliances at B&M.

All bargains and exclusively designed to get healthier cooking results on classic dishes we all love.

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Change the way you prepare meals with these B&M kitchen appliances...

B&M Weight Watchers 2-in-1 Health Grill

b and m health grill

(Image credit: B&M)

Who needs George?! Get your lean grilling game on with this Weight Watchers grill. It featuring marble ceramic non stick fixed plates and drip tray – for a cleaner cooking option. The beauty of this design is that you can grill meat and fish without dousing them in oil, making every meal that little bit healthier.

Buy now: Weight Watchers 2-in-1 Health Grill, NOW £15, B&M

B&M Mo Health Compact Air Fryer

b and m health compact air fryer

(Image credit: B&M)

Thought you'd have to give up chips? Think again! The new chips on the block are in-keeping with a healthy eating plan, thanks to this hot air fryer that requires little or no oil at all. This clever gadget circulates hot air creating a quick and thorough cooking method, without the added calories. January is looking up already!

Buy now: Mo Health Compact Air Fryer, £29.99, B&M

health hurricane protein shaker

(Image credit: B&M)

Whip up a morning smoothie or a post-workout protein shake with this easy-to-use blender. At the simple touch of a button you get lump-free shakes in a matter of seconds.

Buy now: Mo Health Hurricane Protein Shaker, £7.99, B&M

health blend and go

(Image credit: B&M)

Create delicious juices, smoothies and milkshakes to takeway with Mo Farrah's Blend & Go. Practical, powerful and stylish, this design has a one-touch blend fuction, to accommodate soft and hard fruits. This gadget comes complete with not one, but two sports bottle with sealable lids – ideal for making drinks to go.

As well as not using plastic takeaway cups from chain juice bars, you'll also be saving money buy not paying over the odds for each drink.

Buy now: Mo Health Blend & Go, £15.99, B&M

Cooking in a healthy manner can make all the difference to making mealtimes count.

Here's to a happy and all-round healthier cooking game in 2019!


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