Baking fans need to try Breville’s hot new spin on THIS Kitchen essential

The hottest new baking gadget, quite literally!

When it comes to baking, I think it’s fair to say most of us enjoy the eating part more than the mixing. You just need to watch one episode of the Great British Bake-off to see how quickly a relaxing baking session can descend into chaos and frustration.

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The buttery mixture isn’t getting fluffy, the cake isn’t rising and the cream isn’t whipping. Luckily the new Breville hand mixer has put a new spin on this Kitchen essential that should change all that, and return baking to the relaxing and delicious activity it should be.

Breville Hand mixer

Breville has launched the HeatSoft, the first heated hand mixer. Before you scoff at the idea of blasting your buttery sugar mix with heat, bear with us for a second.

kitchen counter with hand mixer and cupcakes with cookies

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The perfect cake and cookie recipes usually call for room-temperature butter. At this temperature it is both easier and to work with, but can be whipped up properly  to create feather-light sponges. The thing is unless you always have butter ready softened on your kitchen counter; you’re probably spending most of your baking time battling with chilled butter, and ending up with a thin dense Victoria sponge, and nobody want's that.

The clever new Breville hand mixer helps get the ingredients to the right temperature at the touch of a button. The mixer blows warm air over the bowl as the beaters get to work.

kitchen counter with hand mixer and mixer bowls

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Buy now: Breville HeatSoft, £69.99, Amazon

The mixer promises to soften butter 12 times faster than hanging around waiting for you buttery block to warm up. For any cooks who enjoy a spontaneous baking quickie, this will be music to there ears.

The mixer features 7 speeds to allow for greater control when whisking different ingredients. It even has a Boost Power Button to help handle thicker mixtures such as biscuit batters.

It comes equipped with attachable beaters, dough hooks and whisks. So will cover everything from show-stopping Pavlovas to chocolate speckled brioche.

wooden worktop with hand mixer and bowl

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The attachment can be easily removed from the magnetic slots at the click of a button. They are all dishwasher safe so you can skip the dreaded washing up session while you await the oven ping.

The whole set can be packed away after use into its storage case after your cake is baked and awaiting the first slice.

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Will you be cooking up a storm this summer?

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