Charlie Sheen's house in LA is on sale for $10million – and it's party central!

You'll need to work on Wall Street to afford it!

If you're WINNING at life, you might have the cash to splash on Charlie Sheen's house Beverly Hills. It's just gone on the market for $10million – that's around £7.2million to us Brits – and Charlie's set to make a pretty penny from the place, having bought the Mediterranean-style property more than ten years ago for $7.2million.

The Two And A Half Men star has created a beautiful home, with seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms and two swimming pools. There's a lot to see, so let's start the tour.

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exterior of house flower with gate and trees

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Located on the exclusive Mulholland Estates, Charlie's home is accessed through this gated driveway.

exterior of house with swimming pool and trees

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It has two pools – the other is a smaller 'endless pool' swimming machine that Charlie uses to keep in shape. This beauty is served by its own bar, where we imagine reformed party boy Charlie has hosted a fair few shindigs over the years.

exterior of house with trees and garden

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The Latino feel of Charlie's home might have a lot to do with his roots. Because – and not a lot of people know this – Charlie's real name is Carlos Irwin Estévez. His dad, actor Martin Sheen was born Ramon Estévez, and his grandfather was born in Spain. Charlie also has three siblings, Emilio, Renée and Ramon – but he was the only one to follow in his dad's footsteps and take the stage name Sheen.

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kitchen with stairs marble counterop and wooden flooring

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Anyway, back to the tour now. We're particular fans of the kitchen, and the rustic light fitting that hangs above the island. It's also got one of our all-time favourite features – a walk-in pantry. It's accessed from a spacious entrance hall with an impressive mezzanine.

living room with fireplace white walls and sofa set with cushions

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This impressive sitting room is a place to relax and have fun, with an open fireplace, juke box and pool table. We wonder if Charlie is a Hot Shot?!

living room with wooden flooring bar counter and chair

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Charlie's master suite is something else. It includes this screening room with wet bar. Not sure why Saving Private Ryan is shown on the screen – shouldn't it be Platoon?

bedroom with grey walls mirror and mattress with cushion

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We wouldn't mind staying in this very tastefully decorated guest room.

bathroom with bathtub mirror on wall with brown cabinet

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And the bathrooms aren't too shabby either. That freestanding tub is the ideal place for some Anger Management.

bedroom with blue walls bed and universe theme on ceiling

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Charlie's five children must love sleeping in this planetarium-themed bedroom.

chairs with curtains red light and picture on wall

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No longer a Young Gun, Charlie has recently turned his back on the party lifestyle and is embracing a healthier lifestyle – he's even adopted a vegan diet. Perhaps that's why he's decided to say goodbye to this luxurious home.

Would you be tempted to put in an offer?

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