Looking to escape to the country? These are the most affordable rural retreats

Trade in the rat race for the rolling hills
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  • Everyone has a dream of ditching the city rat race and escaping to the countryside. In the UK, this rural dream is even more appealing thanks to the stunning rolling green hills, forests and beaches scattered throughout our lovely countryside.

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    Unfortunately, the pound signs that flash before your eyes when you hear the phrase ‘country home’ can sometimes put a pin in these dreams. But luckily, not every rural retreat will require you to shell out a fortune for a kitchen with a view and a peaceful bedroom.

    MoveIQ has done the hard work for you and taken a deep dive into some of the country’s most picturesque postcodes to reveal the 10 cheapest rural places to live in the UK.

    Top 10 cheapest rural places to live

    1. Wyre, North West

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    Topping the list of the cheapest rural places to live in the UK was Wyre in the North West of England. Nestled in the Lancashire area close to the River Wrye, a home here will on average set you back just £79,703.

    2. East Ayrshire, Scotland

    East Ayrshire in the Scottish borders came in second place, with a home in one of its many villages costing you around £82,902. This is very much part of undiscovered Scotland, with villages filled with period properties and plenty of character.

    3. Copeland, North West

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    Image credit: John Finney photography/ Moment/ Getty

    Located along the Western Lake Distract area, you can expect to find plenty of sandy beaches, sprawling valleys, scenic rivers and lakes in Copeland. The area also happens to be home to the highest mountain and lake in England. A flat in this gorgeous area costs on average £84,494, making it one of the easiest areas in the UK to save for a deposit.

    4. Western Isles, Scotland

    The 130-mile-long archipelago made up of over 200 islands might be a little out of the way for some. However, if you are a fan of fishing, weaving and crofting you could join the islands 27,000 inhabitants and purchase a flat for £93,170. However, you might need to brush up on your Gaelic.

    5.County Durham, North East

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    Image credit: Katie Lee

    This area is probably best known for being home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the third oldest university in England. Surprisingly, the area’s most affordable housing comes in the form of a terraced house. Scooping one up in County Durham will set you back just £96,574, making it perfect for young families.

    See below to see the rest of the list:

    6. Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland
    7. Carmarthenshire, Wales
    8. Highland, Scotland
    9. Allerdale, North West
    10. Shetland Islands, Scotland

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    Have you been inspired to start plotting your escape to the countryside?

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