The Christmas decoration that is putting potential buyers off your home

If you want to sell up by Christmas you might want to take it down

If you are trying to sell your home before Christmas, you might need to sacrifice your Christmas decorations according to research by Bankrate.

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Christmas is never an easy time to sell a house. However, you are in with a greater chance this year thanks to the fast-approaching Stamp Duty Holiday deadline. This month has been busier than usual with house sales.

But this comes with a caveat. Your chances of selling your home could rest on your choice of Christmas decorations. A survey by Bankrate found that 60 percent of buyers and renters had been put off a property by the choice of Christmas decorations.

The Christmas decorations putting off homebuyers

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When it came to the most off-putting decorations, large inflatable Christmas characters topped the list. Yes, that means the inflatable Santa you just put up in the garden. 26 percent of buyers admitted to being put off by this decoration.

Electronic Christmas characters, such as light-up reindeers and waving Santa's came in second place. 23 percent of buyers said this would deter them from putting in an offer on a property.

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Religious statues or scenes can in third place as the biggest hindrance to getting an offer. If you like to put up a nativity display at Christmas, try and keep it small and discrete until you are in your new home at least.

You might want to hold back on the tinsel too. Garish and cluttered internal Christmas decor was found to be another off-putter. 22 percent of buyers said they'd be reluctant to put in an offer on a house with very busy Christmas decorations.

Finally, go easy on the outdoor lights. 20 percent of buyers said they'd be put off by excessive external lights. Rather than competing with your neighbors for who can get the most Christmas lights on their roof, consider hanging a discrete twinkle in the trees around your home.

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'With 2020 being the ‘annus horribilis’ for many, it’s little wonder that households across the UK are getting into the festive spirit early this year,' says Nisha Vaidya, Mortgage Expert at Bankrate UK.

'But while decorations are wonderful, homeowners looking to sell their property in December should be mindful that buyers may not have the same taste in festive decor.'

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'For example, too many decorations can make a property appear small and cramped or can be too distracting for buyers who are trying to envision themselves in the home. Sellers should consider their buyers when decorating for Christmas.'

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