Expert tips on how to sell your house before Christmas – Including from Phil Spencer

The property guru reveals his top hacks to help you sell your house this winter

Aiming to sell your home before the 25th December can be a daunting task, however there are a several things you can do to help make your home more desirable to house viewers according to Phil Spencer. Here are a few tips and tricks that we have gleamed from the property guru and a few other experts on how to sell your house before Christmas.

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'At this time of year many sellers set themselves the goal of getting moved, or at least under offers, by Christmas,' Phil Spencer writes on Homes and Property. 'If that's you, it's vital that you act fast and decisively.'

How to sell your house before Christmas

The Location, Location, Location presenter's top tip when it comes to how to sell your house before Christmas is to choose the right estate agent. 'You're choice of agent is crucial,' says Phil. 'You need to have faith in their ability to lure suitable buyers quickly.'

The best way to work out how effective an estate agent is, is to check how well known they are in the local area. Look into what sort of house they usually sell, if it is a different type to yours they might not have the experience to lure in potential buyers looking for a house like yours.

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Another crucial tip according to Phil Spencer is to set a realistic asking price. 'Competition between estate agents is intense at present because there are few sellers around,' explains Phil. 'As a result, Most agents may be tempted to give you an overly optimistic valuation in order to win your business.'

'But asking to high a price initially could put off potential buyers, so make sure you get as many valuations as possible, and do your own research into the local market before setting your price,' Phil Spencer adds.

However, one of the easiest ways to ensure you are in with a chance of selling your house before Christmas is to make sure it is looking its very best for close-up photos and visits from potential buyers.

Here are a few  simple yet effective tips on how to make your home more appealing to a potential buyer...

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 'If you’re tight on time or budget, make a list and prioritise the key factors and features that are really attractive and sought after to potential buyers', explains Jason Peterkin from 247 Blinds.

'A great test is to go into a friend or family member’s home and think about the different elements in and around the home that your eye is drawn to and that you would notice when looking for a new home.'

1. First impressions count

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It's easy to forget about your outside space, especially during winter, however, first impressions are really important. Take time to tidy up your front and back gardens, raking up leaves and putting away any clutter. Don't forget your driveway, either - make sure to show off key features like ease of access and safety aspects.

Estate agent Robert Smith at Richardson and Smith advises that you also make sure roof tiles are firmly in place. 'Roofing jobs tend to be expensive and you might put buyers off if the job looks scarier than it actually is.'

2. Create a warm welcome

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Make sure buyers feel at ease while looking around your home and help them to imagine living in the space. Think about implementing small touches such as a vase of flowers, a pot of fresh coffee and even a few baked goods to offer around. During the colder months, ensure the heating is on so the house seems cosy and inviting.

3. Prioritise the main rooms

Certain rooms deserve special attention as they are where people are most likely to spend most of their time. The three main ones to consider are the living room, kitchen and master bedroom.

Helen Silver from The Property Styling Company advises, 'Consider investing in a few new accessories, a couple of plants and maybe even a fresh coat of paint if the walls are looking a little neglected. A large mirror for the living room is always a good idea as it will help the room to look fresh and light.'

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4. Refresh and declutter

While spending cash on a complete re-fit isn't recommended, there are plenty of small changes that can make a difference to buyers. Try repainting walls and cabinets for a quick refresh and declutter your worktops and cupboards to show off the amount of storage space available.

'Most people move because they have run out of space, so you need prospective buyers to look at your property, feel it is spacious and that there is plenty of room,' explains Phil Spencer.

Giving your tiles a refresh can also really transform your space. Try unusual shapes in the kitchen or bathroom – fan shapes are big right now – to give your home a contemporary update.

5. Demonstrate potential with statement pieces

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Show off what can be done with the space by adding a few statement pieces around the home. It'll make your rooms stand out and leave a good lasting impression, however, keep the overall backdrop neutral.

6. Let light in

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Try to be strategic when organising house viewings during winter. Pick times of the day when there will be plenty of natural light as this is one of the most important features buyers are looking for.

Jason Peterkin, director at 247 Blinds says, 'Make sure you choose the right window dressing for the rooms in your home and keep your curtains and blinds open during any house viewings to allow for the maximum amount of light to flood through.'

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Will you be following these tips on how to sell your house before Christmas?

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