Need last-minute gift inspo? Ask these 10 questions to find the perfect Christmas present

Gifting on auto-pilot? Win at Xmas shopping by getting your loved ones to answer this short questionnaire...

When it comes to Christmas gift ideas, sometimes convenience trumps putting that extra bit of thought into a present.

We can tend to gift on auto-pilot and everyone loves to re-gift from time-to-time. But we're saying enough is enough to wasteful and thoughtless presents!

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And so are the guys at TK Maxx. They found that a whopping 75 per cent of us buy Christmas gifts without much thought or care.

room with christmas hanging on ribbon

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To help us all with our Christmas present planning, they've come up with an idea.

Enlisting a festive team of behavioural psychologists, they've written 10 questions we can all ask ourselves when trying to buy a great Christmas present for those we love.

So now, before parking up at a shopping centre, or settling in for a couple hours of online shopping, ask your giftee these questions if you're struggling for the perfect Christmas gift idea.

10 questions to inspire perfect Christmas gift ideas...

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Now we all have no excuses for failing to buy a great Christmas present. Except for that one annoying cousin you have... you can still buy him socks.