These Christmas present hiding spots could be jeopardising your home insurance

They're not even safe under the tree...

Have you already sorted out your Christmas shopping? If you have you are probably looking for somewhere to hide Christmas presents.

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However, one insurer is warning households to be careful about where they hide Christmas presents. Some hiding places around the home could tempt burglars and even jeopardise an insurance claim.

A study commissioned by Aviva found that almost 20 per cent of those surveyed chose to hide gifts outside the main house. 10 per cent said they hid gifts at friends or relatives houses. While six per cent opted to hide gifts in the garage and three per cent prefered to keep gifts out of sight in the conservatory.

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Unfortunately, while handy hiding spots, not all insurance policies will cover outbuildings like a garage or shed. Leaving them within sight of a window could also make your pile of presents an easy target for a burglar.

However, if you thought getting the presents wrapped and under the tree might be safer, think again. while they should be covered by your contents insurance, Aviva warns that putting all your presents under the Christmas tree too early will act as a red flag to thieves.

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Instead, the insurer recommends hiding presents in a variety of places around the house. Pop a few in cupboards, drawers, under the bed and the spare bedroom. If you are unfortunately burgled, the intruders won't be able to make off with all you Christmas swag in one go.

Wait until the last minute to pop the presents under the tree. If you have treated one of your loved ones to an expensive watch or jewellery, make sure you double-check it's covered by your insurance policy.

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'As our research reveals, there are a number of common places where people hide gifts - which could prove tempting to burglars,' Susan Sansom, head of operations at Aviva UKGI told the Daily Mail.

'The best precaution is to ensure your home is secure all year round, with locked doors and windows, and ideally a home security system, to help deter any potential break-ins,' she adds.

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Do you need to find a new hiding spot for your Christmas presents?

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