Stocking filler ideas – perfect Christmas presents for everyone at every budget

These small but mighty gifts can be stashed in stockings or rested on the branches of your Christmas tree

It's always better to give than to receive (honest), and we've got purse-friendly secret santa gifts and stocking filler ideas to cover all bases. From that must-have accessory for homebodies, to pressies for babies, clever buys to wow the kids and special treats for foodies.

And while we have popped the gifts into categories, there are honestly no rules about who you give what! So if you think Uncle Tony would love a unicorn drinking cup, or your favourite niece would appreciate a skull nail brush, knock yourself out!

Stocking fillers for men

1. Small beard grooming kit, £8, Marks & Spencer

beard kit in a grey box

(Image credit: Marks & Spencer)

Tame that facial fuzz with this neat kit in a tin. It includes scissors for a quick trim, a moustache-shaped comb to brush things down with and wax to control the most wily of beards.

Coming soon: Small beard grooming kit, £8, Marks & Spencer

2. Street Food Sauces, £10, Wilko

street food sauces in grey van

(Image credit: Wilko)

Spice up any meal with this collection of sauces, inspired by global cuisine. The line-up includes American BBQ sauce, Asian green hot sauce and a Mexican-style taqueria.

Buy now: Street Food Sauces, £6 of set of seven, Wilko

3. Bike multitool, £7.99, Lakeland

bike multitool

(Image credit: Lakeland)

So what can this tool do? Well, you should be asking what CAN'T it do?! It's got 14 different uses that cyclists of all levels will find useful. There's even a bottle opener, though we don't condone you drink and pedal!

Buy now: Bike multitool, £7.99, Lakeland

4. Skull brush, £10, Rockett St George

wooden skull brush

(Image credit: Rockett St George)

Spook the dirt out from under those nails with this quirky little brush.

Buy now: Skull brush, £10, Rockett St George

5. Fold-up cutlery set, £8, National Trust

blue cutlery with multiple choice

(Image credit: National Trust)

Keen campers or those trying to cut down on plastic waste will love this handy knife-fork-spoon combo.

Buy now: Fold-up cutlery set, £8, National Trust

Stocking fillers for kids and teens

1. Rocket money box, £7, Sainsbury's Home

blue rocket model money box

(Image credit: Argos)

Boost their savings – literally – with this cute little rocket money box. The stars even glow in the dark.

Buy now: Rocket money box, £7, Argos

2. Miko the Panda Kite, £6.95, Rex London

white kite with panda face

(Image credit: Rex London)

Kids of all ages will be 'panda-ring' you to get this. And if the weather's no good for kite flying, you could always hang it on the wall as a decorative touch.

Buy now: Miko the Panda Kite, £6.95, Rex London

3. Cat Selfie, £9.99, Prezzybox

violet cat face selfie stick

(Image credit: Prezzybox)

Take purr-rect self-portraits of you and your kitty with this feline photo attachment, which features a bell to get their attention.

Buy now: Cat selfie, £9.99, Prezzybox

4. Unicorn cup, £4, Flying Tiger

unicorn face designed juice glass

(Image credit: Flying Tiger)

Kids of all ages (and possibly grown ups, too) will love drinking shakes and squash from this 'corny' gift. It even makes boring old water seem magical!

In store only: Unicorn cup, £4, Flying Tiger

5. Rainbow harmonica, £9, Sunnylife

rainbow harmonica

(Image credit: Sunnylife)

Harness their inner Bob Dylan with this brightly coloured harmonica that will brighten your day... even if the noises coming out of it are less than harmonious!

Buy now: Rainbow harmonica, £9, Sunnylife

Stocking fillers for toddlers and babies

cat shaped night light

(Image credit: Rex London)

Sweet dreams are made of this cat-shaped night light, designed to make your little ones feel happy and safe. The scary monsters under the bed don't stand a chance!

Buy now: Cookie the Cat Light, £8.95, Rex London

2. Bear teether, £9.99, Matchstick Monkey

bear teether

(Image credit: Matchstick Monkey)

This award-winning teething toy is safe to pop in the fridge or dishwasher, is made from food-grade silicon and is BPA free.

Buy now: Bear teether, £9.99, Matchstick Monkey

3. Elvis the Elephant music box, £6.95, Rex London

elephant shaped music box

(Image credit: Rex London)

This little music box is so cute you might find yourself winding it even when the kids aren't around. It plays Old MacDonald Had A Farm – all together now – e-i-e-i-o!

Buy now: Elvis the Elephant music box, £6.95, Rex London

Stocking fillers for women

1. Winter Scented Candle, £9.50, Nathalie Bond

candle jar

(Image credit: Nathalie Bond)

Nathalie Bond's new limited edition candle for Christmas smells so good you might almost be tempted to keep it for yourself. Hand poured with soy wax and packed full of essential oils the winter candle has a delicious orange, pine, cinnamon and clove scent.

Buy now: Winter scented candle, £9.50, Nathalie Bond

2. Mini Abstract Stars bowls, £15, John Lewis & Partners

mini abstract stars bowls

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

The wonderful thing about these – aside from their gorgeous design – is their myriad uses. They can be put out together or spread across the house and could hold nibbles, dips, jewellery, loose change, keys, or be left untouched and on display.

Buy now: Mini Abstract Stars bowls, £15 (set of three), John Lewis & Partners

3. Cartwright & Butler peanut brittle, £12, Debenhams

peanut brittle tin

(Image credit: Cartwright & Butler)

Once they've polished off the contents, they can use the pretty tin to store more tasty treats.

Buy now: Peanut brittle tin, £9.95, Cartwright & Butler

4. The Printed Peanut Solid Shampoo Bar, £5.95, The Vegan Kind Supermarket

printed peanut solid shampoo bar

(Image credit: The Vegan Kind Supermarket)

Care for your hair and the planet with this beautifully scented bar – which is equivalent to three bottles of the liquid stuff, and doesn't create any plastic waste.

Buy now: The Printed Peanut Solid Shampoo Bar, £5.95, The Vegan Kind Supermarket

5. Moroccan Rose & Agarwood Hand Cream, £9.50, Oliver Bonas

moroccan rose & agarwood hand cream

(Image credit: Oliver Bonas)

Pamper those paws with this soothing cream from Oliver Bonas – our go-to for fabulous last-minute gifts. It's scented with floral damask rose, with middle notes of peony, saffron and sandalwood, and base notes of patchouli, dry amber and vanilla.

Buy now: Moroccan Rose & Agarwood Hand Cream, £9.50, Oliver Bonas

6. Reusable bamboo travel coffee cup in abstract print, £6.99, Oxfam

reusable bamboo travel coffee cup in abstract print

(Image credit: Oxfam)

Colourful and refillable – this eco choice is great for hydrating on the go. It also comes in a pretty ditsy floral print and a funky terrazzo design.

Buy now: Reusable bamboo travel coffee cup in abstract print, £6.99, Oxfam

7. Wilderbom seedbom, £3.95, Hare & Home

wilderbom seedbom

(Image credit: Hare & Home)

Simply shake, soak, throw and grow for a wildflower colour explosion in your garden.

Buy now: Wilderbom seedbom, £3.95, Hare & Home

Whoever's on your list this year, you'll be giving santa a run for his money with this stylish line up!

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