People are using frozen washing up liquid to clean oven racks – here’s what happened when we tried it

This tip could make the tough job a whole lot easier

TikTok and Facebook groups dedicated to cleaning have given birth to all manner of cleaning hacks. Now, people are using frozen washing up liquid to remove grime from their oven racks.

How to clean an oven and hob – including the oven rack and glass door

They're items that can be particularly hard to clean, and we often give up halfway through. So, we thought we'd try this tip out, because anything that makes the process easier is worth a shot.

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Tanya from @tanyahomeinspo shared the cleaning hack on her Instagram. She freezes some washing up liquid in an ice tray in the freezer, soaks her oven racks in soapy water, and then scrubs them with the frozen cubes.

As the video on her page shows, the frozen washing up liquid makes light work of removing dirt.

'This makes too much sense! 👏🙌🔥' writes one of Tanya's followers.

'What a fab idea!' says another.

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When tried out the cleaning hack ourselves, sadly, we didn't have much luck. In the name of a test run, I tried it on some grimy oven racks without soaking beforehand.

Unfortunately, it didn't have much of an effect. The frozen washing up liquid soon started softening, making it much harder to use.

I can see that it might help budge grease once you've soaked the racks in hot water, but my washing up bowl was already full of soaking dishes from last night's fish pie.

frozen washing up liquid

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I'm glad I gave it a go - my oven is well-overdue a good clean, and this could have been a bit of a motivation to get the job done.

If you're planning a deep clean at home this weekend, head to our care and cleaning hub for plenty of tips and inspiration. And if your laundry basket is overflowing, make sure you're not making any laundry faux pas by reading our guide on how to wash clothes.

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If you've been putting off cleaning your oven, perhaps trying out this trick will provide a bit of an incentive... Just make sure you soak the racks first.

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