Aggie MacKenzie reveals her favourite cleaning hack - it will leave your toilet shining

If you take a good look at your toilet bowl, and you'll realise you need this hack

Cleaning the toilet is one of those jobs that just has to be done, even if it's not the most pleasant.

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How Clean is Your House? host and writer Aggie MacKenzie shared her favourite cleaning hack, and it leaves lavatory bowls gleaming.

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We spoke to Aggie as part of her work with Gas Safe Register. The TV personality is encouraging us to get important tasks ticked off our to-do lists, including having gas appliances checked once a year.

'If you didn’t clean your oven, what’s the worst that could happen?' she says. 'If you didn’t get your gas appliance checked, you could die, actually, it does happen.'

Aggie MacKenzie's favourite cleaning hack

Aggie shared a cheap and eco-friendly way to clean the lavatory pan. The trick removes any hard-to-budge mineral deposits and water deposits that build up over time.

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'A lot of people use really strong chemicals down there,' she says, 'which are not only expensive, but they’re bad for the environment. If you’re slightly asthmatic and you inhale any of these fumes, it could be really bad for you.

'What you need is a little pumice stone from the chemist, the one that you use for the hard skin on your feet,' she says. The TV personality explains that you need to dampen this pumice stone first - and put on some thick rubber gloves.

'Then you just get down into the lavatory pan and rub away at the porcelain.'

bathrom with printed tiled flooring and white window

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'The great thing about a pumice stone is that it’s hard enough to deal with limescale and tough stains, but soft enough not to damage the surface of your loo bowl. It’s such a great thing to do, and it’s environmentally friendly, it’s cheap, it’s easy to do and it’s a much better way of doing it.' she says.

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So, if you've noticed a little line going around the outside where water sits in the toilet bowl, try cleaning it with a pumice stone. Also, if you get a little brown line where the water comes down at the back, the abrasive surface of a pumice stone will make light work of removing it. No harsh chemicals needed.

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Will you be trying this hack?

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