Connected to pop-culture: three British properties with iconic influence are currently on the market

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  • From musical genius to musical cheeseness – with a splash of fantasy fiction in between – there’s a place for everyone who wants a brush with fame…

    Fancy living in a property that has that extra something special? The choices are currently aplenty as the housing
    market is teeming with homes with some pretty hallowed halls
    (and bedrooms and kitchens).

    If you are looking for musical inspiration, put in an offer on this Weybridge mansion, once owned by John Lennon, and listen out for echoes of some genius song writing.

    If you just can’t resist a literary connection – or you’re simply skilled with a wand – prepare to take residence in this nine-bedroom retreat in Lavenham, Suffolk. The location was used to represent Godric’s Hollow in the Harry Potter films.

    And, for putting the pop in pop culture, no North London home has been more papped (much to the dismay of the neighbours) than the X-Factor mansion with such famous former residents as ‘what’s-his-name’ and ‘you-know, her-from-that-talent-show’.

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