7 super cosy boltholes you won’t want to leave this January

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  • Fight off the January blues by curling up in the perfect cubbyhole

    Now that Christmas is over and the festive entertaining has ceased for another year, we have time to escape the parties, turkey basting and potato roasting and take a little time our for ourselves.

    Escape the blustery January rain and get your nose into that new book by creating a super cosy bolthole in your home. Take inspiration from these inviting snugs and indulge in a little TLC this January…

    Create a cobbled cubby

    Cobbled walls and chunky timber beams instantly add a cosy feel to any room. Embrace the character of your home by designing a rustic bolthole with a simple chair, mound of messy cushions and a low blaze emitted from a crackling fire – the perfect cave.

    Show your dark side

    Create a stormy scene in the middle of your home by coating a nook in inky splatters of paint. Introducing midnight shades at the darker end of the colour spectrum will ensure your room has all the elements of a January night, and punctuate with luxury brassy elements to finish the look.

    Nestle beside a fire

    Is there anything more inviting than a real fire to ward off the January chill? With the smoky smell of charred wood and the crackle of a searing log, all you need to add is one sinkable armchair, a pile of magazines and books and a beautifully ornate fireplace to encompass the glowing embers.

    Turn your tiny room around

    Teeny tiny rooms that are too small to be a living room are the perfect space to create the bookworm’s ultimate bolthole. Cram as many stuffed sofas in there as possible and pile on the tartan prints and fuzzy faux fur additions. A bit of warning – you’ll never want to leave.

    Build a busy bolt

    Busy rooms with multiple textures and materials in warm tones make the perfect snug room as nothing is left barren. Bold artwork, patterned blinds and disjointed brick patterns hang above a giant, musky velvet bed to make this bedroom a perfectly busy bolt for long weekend lie ins and early nights.

    Firewood feature

    Firewood features add character and warmth to any room. A wall full of hunks of wooden logs brings the outdoors in and reminds us of roasting fires. Accentuate the rustic look by adding gooey honey accents and deep whisky elements for the ultimate relaxation room.

    Sit and wonder on a window seat

    There is something romantically nostalgic about a private window seat; as if we are children playing hide and seek behind the drawn curtains again. Curl up here last thing at night whilst everyone sleeps and enjoy the peace of the winter’s evening as the chilling winds bluster beyond your glass shield.

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