Creative style hacks anyone can do

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  • Create a stylish home using these clever craft ideas

    Looking for ways to update your home on a budget this autumn? Here are some clever  style hacks that are cost-effective and super easy to achieve.

    Upcycle a vintage crate

    Style Hacks Crate-ideas-Ideal-home--crate-table

    Image credit: Polly Eltes

    A solid crate, such as an old wine box, makes for the perfect unique side table.

    Step 1
    Turn it on its side to attach castors to the bottom so it can be moved around. You can use castors from all good DIY stores (try B&Q)

    Step 2
    To add interest decorate the inside with old book pages, sheet music or leftover wallpaper or paint.

    Display a few carefully curated objects in the crate, and use the top as a table – perfect as a lamp table in a living room.

    Make your own lighting

    Turn a humble kilner jar into a statement pendant light in four simple steps.

    Style Hacks Kilner-jar-lighting-ideal-home-

    Image credit: Polly Eltes

    You will need:

    • A vintage style bulb socket and coloured flex
    • A large, screw top Mason jar
    • A hammer
    • A nail
    • Heatproof glue
    • A maximum 30W light bulb

    Step 1
    Unscrew the blub socket.
    Open a screw-top Mason jar and take out the inner flat lid. Place one half of the bulb socket on top of the flat jar lid and draw around it.

    Step 2
    Use a hammer and a nail to punch holes along the circle you have drawn on the lid. Eventually the inner piece will fall out- the edges will be jagged, so take care.

    Step 3
    Screw up the bulb socket on either side of the flat lid, sandwiching the lid between the two pieces.

    Step 4
    Prevent overheating by hammering several air holes in the lid using a hammer and nail, and fixing in a low-wattage light bulb (30W or less). Screw up the outer lid of the Mason jar.
    Ask an electrician to the flex to your mains lighting.

    Make a memo board

    Style Hacks ideal-home-memo-board

    Image credit: Polly Eltes

    Create a pretty display board out of fabric remnant and an old picture frame

    Step 1
    Choose a fabric that compliments your frame, whether it’s opulent Rococo for a gilt frame or simple Nordic for a plainer style.

    Step 2
    Cut foam mount-board to fit snugly in the frame. Wrap your fabric around the board, pulling it tight across the corners and sides so there are no wrinkles on the front.

    Step 3
    Tape the fabric in place, then fit the board into the frame, attaching it with small nails or upholstery tacks.

    Repurpose stepladders

    Style Hacks step-Ladder-shelving

    Create your own inventive open-shelving system using vintage stepladders

    Trawl car-boot sales for wooden stepladders. You’ll need a pair that have rungs at matching heights.
    Check for secure joins and fixtures.

    Step 1
    Position the ladders next to one another and place plywood shelves between the rungs.

    Step 2
    Drill holes in the shelves and use screws to attach them securely to the rungs.

    Step 3
    Use the shelves to show off your favourite flea-market finds, grouping together glass bottles and vintage books. Add a touch of nature by using the quirky shelving to display on-trend succulents.

    Make a peg rail

    Style Hacks womens-weekley-peg rail

    Whether faceted glass or ceramic flowers, cupboard knobs can make a lovely addition to a peg rail.

    Step 1
    Collect cupboard knobs in a mix of shapes and colours to add an electric feel to your design

    Step 2
    Screw five or six to a painted length of wood – the length determined by where you wish to hang your display rail.

    Step 3
    Affix to the wall. Don’t hide your peg rail behind a door- show it off instead. Fix it above a dressing table to display necklaces or on a blank wall to hang up handbags.

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