Cuisinart has put an end to messy worktops with its new cordless kitchen appliances

Your countertop has never looked so tidy
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  • If you are constantly finding yourself running out of plug sockets in the kitchen the new Cuisinart cordless collection promises to put an end to messy cables and stretching them over hob tops.

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    Cordless kitchen appliances can sometimes be a bit of a letdown. Lacking power and spluttering to a halt when you most need them. However, the new Cuisinart collection promises power and performance thanks to its lithium-ion batteries.

    The range is made up of the key kitchen staples – a hand mixer, hand blender, blender-to-go and an automatic bottle opener (the ultimate essential at this time of year). Each item is charged using a USB charger. The same charger works with all four pieces of kit that can be easily tucked away when not in use.


    If your kitchen appliance cupboard is a mess of cables add one of these to your Christmas list immediately.

    Cuisinart cordless collection

    Cordless power hand mixer


    The cordless power hand mixer offers 20 minutes of continuous use after a 130 minutes full charge. The hand mixer is powerful, with 5-speed settings, for beating batter and whipping cream.

    The stand-up design means no messy worktop when cooking and baking. It also makes it easy to store away.

    Buy now: Cordless Power Hand Mixer, £90, Cuisinart

    Cordless Pro Hand Blender


    The hand blender is perfect for pureeing soups and whipping up smoothies. It includes two clever extra attachments too. A whisk for whipping cream and batters, and a mini chopper bowl to make quick work of blitzing breadcrumbs and chopping herbs.

    A full 130 minutes charge will give you around 30 minutes of continuous use. More than enough to blitz many soups and smoothies.

    Buy now: Cordless Pro Hand Blender, £100, Cuisinart

    Cordless On The Go Blender


    Whether you are in the gym or at home, this clever portable blender can blend everything from protein shakes to soups. A full two-hour charge will give you enough power to blend 8 smoothies. The battery level indicator will let you know when the power is running low.

    Buy now: Cordless On The Go Blender, £100, Cuisinart

    Cordless 4 in 1 Automatic Wine Opener


    If you love a good bottle of wine, but despise corkscrews this is about to become your new best friend. The wine opener removes the foil casing when you how it over the bottle, and automatically senses the cork. Removing and ejecting it in one action. Magic!

    It also includes an aerator to improve the flavour of the wine as you pour, and a vacuum sealer to allow to dip in and out of a bottle of wine over a few days.

    A full 2.5-hour charge will open up to 50 bottles. That should keep you busy for a while.

    Buy now: Cordless 4 in 1 automatic wine opener, £80, Cuisinart

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    Will you be adding any of these clever appliances to your wishlist?

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