5 new curtain and blind trends for spring 2019 – get your windows looking gorgeous

Whether it’s pretty florals or bold prints, there’s something for everyone...

The days are finally getting longer and there’s more sunshine to break us out of our winter comas. So now is the perfect time to think about transforming your home out of a state of chilly depression and into the light.

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But you don’t have to splash the cash and take on major, time-consuming renovations. With just a few little adjustments, you can breathe a new lease of life into your humble abode. And it can be as simple as changing out your old curtains or blinds for ones that evoke the feeling of spring.

According to online blinds retailer 247Blinds, the new season is set to bring an array of stunning new home designs inspired by key trends, such as bold prints or statement colour pops.

So what are the curtain trends for spring 2019?

1. Fresh florals

curtain trends spring 2019

Floral accessories are perfect for introducing spring into your home and can be easily adapted to suit almost any home style. Choose on-trend colours, such as a pretty coral, a vibrant purple or classic pink, and soft patterns for a sophisticated look that will brighten up your room.

A few cushions or a stylish rug in contrasting fabrics from the same colour family is a great way to tie your new curtains or blinds into the rest of your furniture.

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2. Mustard yellows

curtain trends spring 2019

Mustard is set to be a key colour for spring this year and it’s a fantastic eye-catching hue that will immediately bring order to your choice of room.

Opt for a strong block shade and pair it with rich tones so the main focus stays on your brilliant new blinds or curtains. Adding dark teal or blue accessories will give a room a retro, opulent feel.

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3. Go retro

curtain trends spring 2019

Now is the time to embrace retro. Geometric shapes and bold prints are great to add character to your home. Keep it cool and fresh with chic, low-slung furniture and don’t be afraid to add vibrant colours such as yellows, oranges and greens to really give your room that 70s vibe.

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4. Bring the outdoors in

curtain trends spring 2019

Trick your mind into thinking your basking in the sun on a desert island by making your window the focal point in your room. Embrace tropical prints, such as hibiscus flowers and palm leaves, in rich shades of teal blue and green. Faux foliage accessories are also extremely popular at the moment; team them with accents of gold for a more luxurious ‘getaway’.

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5. Soft pastels

curtain trends spring 2019

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It may be a cliché but there’s a reason pastel colours are associated with spring. The soft and soothing appeal of a rose pink or lavender hue often brings a sense of calm to a room.

If you’re looking to make subtle changes in your home then you can’t go wrong with pastel shades of green, blue and yellow.

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Which trend takes your fancy?

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