Danny Dyer's Celebrity Gogglebox home is up for sale – see inside this luxury property in Essex

Forget the TV, just wait until you see the garden...

EastEnders' actor Danny Dyer and his daughter Dani Dyer, 2018's Love Island winner, have become the ultimate TV dream team. When they graced our telly as guests on Celebrity Gogglebox, we loved watching pair so much we could (almost) get over Danny Dyer putting his bare feet up on the coffee table.

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However, what really struck us was just how stunning the silver-hued living room they were sat in was. If you were equally entranced by the silver sofa and fuchsia cushion combo, you'll be excited to know that you can now buy the home where the two Dyers filmed their Gogglebox episodes.

Let us tell you that if you loved the Gogglebox living room, you are going to be bowled over by the rest of the house. Why don't we take a peek?


sloping roof house with wooden fence

(Image credit: Elliot James Prime Residential)

This bespoke family home in Chingford looks more like the sort of sleek house you'd expect a Kardashian to come strolling out off. We love a grey colour scheme, and on the outside of this house it looks gorgeous thanks to the range of shades and textures from the rough grey walls, to the shining silver gate. The property was designed and built by the current owner and is situated on a small private road. As far as we know, the Gogglebox crew rented the handsome abode for Danny to use during the filming...

Living room

living room with burnt orange cushions and slouchy brown sofa

(Image credit: Elliot James Prime Residential)

This wasn't the living room used by Danny Dyer in Gogglebox, though, we have no idea why they didn't use it! Did they see that enormous slouchy brown sofa? We'd happily sink into that, and not emerge until we've binged all of Netflix, and we mean all of it. The burnt orange cushions give this room a pop of colour, to prevent it from looking too beige. The film star prints on the wall behind the sofa also add character to this family room.

Open-plan living space

open plan living space with matching bar stools and chairs

(Image credit: Elliot James Prime Residential)

If you dream off a sleek white kitchen, then you need to add this room to your lust list. The space blends seamlessly into the dining room, thanks to those matching bar stools and chairs. If you look right into the background, you will glimpse the family room and the pink cushions that starred in Celebrity Gogglebox alongside Danny and Dani Dyer.


garden with alfresco space having sitting and dining areas

(Image credit: James Prime Residential)

Would any luxury home be complete without a swimming pool?  This outdoor area is stunning. Accessed via French doors, this alfresco space includes sitting and dining areas. Over in the corner you can also spy an outdoor kitchen.

If we were the Dyers' we'd be calling in a few favours to make use of this space over the last few weeks of summer.

The house is on the market with Elliott James Prime Residential.

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What is your favourite part of Danny Dyer's Gogglebox home?

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