Watch this coffee table transform into a dining table in a second

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  • Are you short on space? This space-saving dinner table could be the answer to your prayers

    Modern living is all about utilising your space for functionality and comfort.

    Clever designers at the French home furnishing brand, Boulon Blanc, have created a coffee table that can convert into a dining table in one simple move, enhancing and adapting to your home’s needs.

    And yes, it’s as clever as it sounds.

    The inspiration for this nifty creation, which has over 300 customised parts, came from aeronautics and watch-making. Rather than using the standard X-shaped mechanism adopted by our ironing boards, they opted for a helicoid motion, which they found to be much more efficient.

    It took over two years and 22 prototypes to reach the final design – an intuitive and functional table with a sleek, contemporary aesthetic.

    When fully extended, it’s three feet in height and can seat up to five people. Easily transportible, it it would look great in a kitchen or dining room when fully extended, and would work well as a coffee table in a sitting room. It’s minimalistic design means that it will work well with any room style and colour palette.

    So how does it work? To lower the table, you simply pull a patented handle and swivel it in down. And to extend it, simply pull up the table top. Take a look at this demonstration to see it in action:

    As you can see, both table positions have their own unique style and come in a range of colours to suit your home.


    For more information, visit Kickstarter.

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