The best DIY painting tip revealed – to change the way we decorate our homes forever

So simple, yet SO brilliant

Here at Ideal Home we love nothing more than practical tips and hacks to make decorating our homes a little easier. This DIY painting tip is one such hack that we can't get enough of.

The simple decorating tip was shared by much-admired London Interior & Magazine Stylist Lucy Gough.

Having been an interior stylist for many years it doesn't surprise us that Lucy has picked up the best tips and tricks of the trade along the way. And this one is belter.

And all your need is a rubber band!

The stylist's painting tip you need to know...

Lucy shares her top tip with her followers writing, ‘Remember to use my painting tip when you’re doing DIY while in isolation! Put a large rubber band around your paint pot and wipe the brush on the rubber band rather than the side of the pot. No drips!'

How's that for simple yet ingenious.

'What a great tip thank you 😍🙌' one follower is quick to reply.

'God that’s genius!' exclaims another. Our thoughts exactly.

painting canvas with paint tin and brush

(Image credit: Future PLC/Polly Eltes)

Lucy's helpful tip stops paint accumulating around the side of the tin, or worse still spilling down the sides. (exactly what you see above)

We asked Lucy for her pro tips to using this trick. 'Make sure you have the thickest band you can find in your kitchen drawer.' Place it around the tin as she demonstrates.

Once you're done painting she explains, 'Just wipe off the band, and then gently remove it. ' No mess, no waste and it's totally free. What's not to love about this brilliant stylist painting tip?

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Thanks to Lucy for allowing us to share her ingenious painting tip with you all.

If you too have any ingenious DIY tips and tricks we'd love for you to share them with us in our Ideal Home Room Clinic Facebook group.

Happy decorating...with zero paint spills in the process.


Tamara was Ideal Home's Digital Editor before joining the Woman & Home team in 2022. She has spent the last 15 years working with the style teams at Country Homes & Interiors and Ideal Home, both now at Future PLC. It’s with these award wining interiors teams that she's honed her skills and passion for shopping, styling and writing. Tamara is always ahead of the curve when it comes to interiors trends – and is great at seeking out designer dupes on the high street.