Novice DIY-er transforms her son's bedroom with wall-panelling – you won't believe the results!

By giving it a go, this savvy mum saved £350!

Wall panelling is one of those interior trends that will always make a statement in any home. However, while a panelled wall might look expensive, one savvy mum has proven that you can achieve the same look with DIY wall panelling on a budget.

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After buying a new home, midwife and mum of two, Lauren McDermott, wanted to give her son's bedroom a unique design and settled on diagonal wall panelling.

However, getting a professional in wasn't going to come cheap. Despite being a DIY novice, Lauren decided to tackle the DIY project herself.

DIY wall panelling

before and after makeover of bedroom

(Image credit: Lauren McDermott)

'After getting quotes ranging from £400-£540 to have this work carried out I was disappointed that I currently did not have the funds to pay for it,' explains Lauren. 'I decided to put my mind to it and have a go at it myself!'

'I wanted a different design for my son's room and so I thought the diagonal lines would be pretty cool.'

Before buying anything, Lauren first measured the height and width of the wall. She drew out the design she had in mind on paper and took it to the local building yard.

diy wall panelling makeover of bedroom

(Image credit: Lauren McDermott)

'I showed the staff my plans and they were very helpful in getting me everything I needed from the tools to the wood,' explains Lauren. 'They cut a sheet of MDF wood down into strips, 3 inches wide. And then using a saw at home I cut the strips down again into the lengths and angles I required.'

It wasn't all smooth sailing, like with most DIY projects it took Lauren a few practice runs with the saw to get the angles right. 'In the end, I kind of just winged the measurements between each diagonal line and hoped for the best!' she confesses.

However, the measurements worked out perfectly. Lauren attached the wood to the wall using no more nails and filled the gaps in with Polyfilla, before painting the whole wall in two coats of Farrow & Ball paint in Stiffkey Blue.

bedroom makeover and stiffkey blue

(Image credit: Lauren McDermott)

It is far from perfect, but I am very proud of how well it turned out considering I have never done any sort of DIY in my life. I've never even owned a toolbox!' says Lauren.

The entire project came to just £120, including all the tools. That means Lauren saved an incredible £350 by taking the DIY root, and we think it looks incredible.

'It has totally transformed the room and my little boy is delighted with his new bedroom.'

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Have you been inspired to try your hand at a bit of DIY?

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