Keep your pets safe this Christmas with dog-friendly wrapping paper

Set tails wagging this Christmas with Ruff Wrap, the UK's first non-toxic, dog-friendly wrapping paper

Christmas is a wonderful time of year for us humans, but for pets it can be full of hazards we don't often think about. For instance, did you know that traditional Christmas wrapping paper is usually treated with chlorine and bleach to achieve its characteristic colour. Not only do pets love a good rip and chew with wrapping paper from our own presents, many pet owners unknowingly wrap their pet’s presents in the harmful paper and subsequently let their fluffy friends play during and after present opening, not realising the possible consequences.

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room with dog and ruff wrap

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However, there is an aptly named Ruff Wrap available for your pets presents. It's made from soy based ink which is safe for animals and the wrap also has a clever rip and stick technology with self adhesive tape.

Ruff Wrap avoids the use of toxic chemicals and eliminates choking hazards, ensuring that the opening presents on Christmas morning is a safe and fun experience for mischievous friends both big and small.

At 'present' there are two bright designs and colour-ways to choose from:

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ruff wrap paper with reindeer print

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Lime green Rudolf inspired Dachshund or could that be a Corgi?

Buy now: Red Nosed Dog Wrapping Paper, Folded Sheet, 990mm x 660mm £2.99, Monster Pet Supplies

ruffwrap with pink colour and bone print

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Or, festive wrapped candy cane style doggy bones.

Buy now: Candy Cane Wrapping Paper, Folded Sheet, 990mm x 660mm,  £2.99, Monster Pet Supplies

Emma Gordon, Monster Pet Supplies™ Marketing Manager said: 'We are very much looking forward to becoming the first major brand to launch dog friendly wrapping paper here in the UK. With over 8.5 million dogs enjoying the festive season, providing pet friendly wrapping paper for a safe Christmas period is at the heart of our product.'

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So, now there is no excuse to put a little something under your tree for your pet this year.


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