Dream garden features revealed

From swimming pools to tennis courts, we take a look at what the nation really wants when it comes to their garden

While a manicured lawn and some pretty flowers may be enough for some, it transpires that the nation has somewhat fancier tastes when it comes to what they want from their dream garden.

Topping the list of lavish desires (we can only assume that this is a money-no-object top 10) was a swimming pool, with 74% of Brits claiming that this would be their number one wish.

sloping roof house with swimming pool

(Image credit: TBC)

Following swiftly behind the swimming pool dream was a water feature - 67% (we're thinking a full-on waterfall going into that pool)
and a decked area or patio, 61%. A summerhouse and built-in BBQ came in seventh and eighth place respectively.

This is shaping up to be a pretty gorgeous space!

Of the 1,000 UK adults surveyed by Alfresia.co.uk, one in 10 (9%) stated that a tennis court would make it onto their ultimate garden list, while a putting green came in with five per cent of the vote. We are imaging this fictitious garden is absolutely enormous to accommodate this elaborate list of desires.

grey wall room with wooden shelf on wall and wall clock

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When it came to what Brits want to use their garden for, weather permitting of course, 31% would use their dream garden for throwing parties, whilst an optimistic 16% plan to use their outdoor space for sunbathing.

Craig Corbett, marketing manager at Alfresia.co.uk, said: "Most of us aspire to have some element of water in our gardens, whether it's in the form of a bubbling hot tub, or tranquil and calming water feature.
It's great to see the fun and quirky features the British public choose when collating their garden bucket lists."

white house with sloping roof and circular table with chairs

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Take a look at the full top 10 wish list:

1. Swimming pool - 74%

2. Water feature - 67%

3. Decking/patio area - 61%

4.Hot tub - 53%

5. Vegetable patch - 43%

6. Summer house - 24%

7.BBQ and outdoor cooking area - 23%

8. Tennis courts - 9%

9. Putting green - 5%

10. Topiary - 4%