Dad's hilarious idea for making himself exempt from Elf on the Shelf duties for 14 days!

Here's an Elf on the Shelf quarantine idea for tired parents everywhere

The Elf on the Shelf is back. Great for kids, yes. But it's a challenge for parents to come up with imaginative ideas to play along for every day of the countdown.

After a year of home schooling and trying to keep things together, some parents need a well-earned break. But what to do with the elves? One hilarious Dad had the foresight to cut his elf placement duties in half. And quite frankly, it's genius for a get out this year.

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room with shelves purple cadbury box and santa in large box

(Image credit: Jeff Sargant)

The night before the trusted elves arrived, Jeff had an idea to buy himself some time. 'I saw everyone putting the elves in jars (for quarantine), but I didn't have a jar?!" he tells us. 'I couldn't think of anything to do.' That's when the idea came to him. Upcycling an old delivery box, he made a quarantine area so that the elves could isolate.

Written clearly on the box it reads 'Any elf travelling from the North Pole must quarantine for 14 days.' Jeff's Elf on the Shelf quarantine plays along with the idea that it's to follow 'UK Government Covid 19 restrictions for Elves.' But fear not – sitting on top of the box are chocolate advents, so his two young daughters aren't too disappointed.

wooden plyboard with merry christmas girls written

(Image credit: Jeff Sargant)

Behind a 'safe' window of clingfilm, the Elves are holding hands and have messages for the girls.

'Do not open until the 14th December' reads the sign in the bottom left-hand corner. This playful idea means this savvy Dad has cut the elf duties down from 24 days to just 11. A welcome break to many parents. We bet that extra time will give this Dad all the time he needs to plan something spectacular for the reaming nights of the elves' visit.

His two young daughters will get to enjoy the chocolates in the meantime, so no harm done.

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You've got to see the funny side. And no pressure Jeff, but your Elf on the Shelf ideas post-quarantine better make up for the time.


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