Are you using your fan all-wrong? Expert reveals the correct fan position to keep a room cool

Disclaimer: you will need two fans
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  • The Met has issued the first extreme heat warning and it is expect to be in place until temperatures reach their peak on Thursday If you’re currently doing all you can to keep your home cool but still sweating from top to toe an expert at Meaco has a fan-tastic tip.

    There’s absolutely nothing worse than being too hot at night, and even if you have the best fan to hand, it could be that you don’t have the correct fan position.

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    Expert fan positioning trick

    We asked Chris Michael, Director at fan, heater, and dehumidifier retailer Meaco, for his advice on keeping a room cool, and he shared the correct fan position for circulating plenty of cool air.

    ‘A great way to reduce the temperature of the room if you have two windows in the room is to position one fan pointing out of one window to push the hot air out and another fan at another window pulling cooler air in,’ he says.

    ‘This is especially effective at the end of the day when outdoor temperatures tend to be cooler than indoor temperatures,’ Chris adds. He also says that keeping your fan clean will influence its performance and help it last a lot longer.

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    It can be particularly hard to cool down a south-facing room that gets lots of sunlight, or an upstairs room with lots of windows. ‘In terms of cooling a room, our fans have a big advantage because they can move all of the air in the room by bouncing it off the walls and ceilings so that you get a more even movement of all of the air in the room,’ Chris says.

    ‘Everyone in the room benefits and not just those in the direct airflow.’

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    If you’re concerned about leaving your fan running all night in this heat don’t be. You can work out how much a fan costs to run with our handy guide – it’s much lower than you think.

    However, even with this tip if your struggling to get enough rest, we’ve got loads of advice on how to keep a bedroom cool during hot weather.

    Go nab that spare fan out of the storage cupboard and get positioning your fans the right way for a blissful breeze.

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